The First European Seminar on Computerised Axial Tomography in Clinical Practice

  • George du Boulay
  • Ivan F. Moseley
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. C.A.T. of the Head

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Anatomy

      1. P. A. Roberts, L. E. Claveria, I. F. Moseley
        Pages 3-16
      2. G. Salamon, G. Lecaque, K. Hall, J. M. Corbaz
        Pages 17-23
      3. A. Grepe, T. Greitz
        Pages 24-28
      4. T. P. Naidich, I. I. Kricheff, N. E. Leeds
        Pages 29-35
    3. Technical Operation

    4. Costing and Logistics

    5. Head Injuries

      1. B. Jennett, G. Teasdale, S. Galbraith, T. L. Steven
        Pages 62-67
      2. J. M. Caillé, F. Cohadon, S. Becke, P. Constant
        Pages 68-75
    6. Tumours Above and Below the Tentorium

      1. L. E. Claveria, B. E. Kendall, G. H. du Boulay
        Pages 85-93
      2. R. A. Fawcitt, I. Isherwood
        Pages 94-101
      3. S. Wende, A. Aulich, E. Schindler, T. Grumme, W. Meese, S. Lange et al.
        Pages 111-117
      4. S. Wende, A. Aulich, K. Kretschmar, S. Lange, T. Grumme, W. Meese et al.
        Pages 118-122
      5. J. L. Wilson, I. F. Moseley
        Pages 123-133
      6. T. T. King, J. A. E. Ambrose
        Pages 134-138
      7. J. M. Caillé, A. Dop, P. Constant, J. L. Renaud-Salis
        Pages 139-146
    7. Tumours and Other Lesions of the Visual Pathways

    8. C.A.T. Scanning in Diseases of Children

      1. C. Raybaud, P. Farnarier, P. Palmieri, N. Pinsard, M. Choux
        Pages 168-173
      2. D. P. E. Kingsley
        Pages 174-181
    9. Diseases of the Brain Parenchyma, Atrophy and Hydrocephalus

      1. I. F. Moseley, L. E. Claveria, G. H. du Boulay
        Pages 182-190
      2. B. E. Kendall, L. E. Claveria, W. Quiroga
        Pages 191-202
      3. C. Gyldensted
        Pages 203-204
      4. L. E. Claveria, I. F. Moseley, J. F. Stevenson
        Pages 213-217
      5. M. A. Roberts, F. I. Caird, J. L. Steven, K. W. Grossart
        Pages 218-220
    10. Vascular Conditions

      1. M. J. G. Harrison
        Pages 221-226
      2. P. Constant, A. M. Renou, J. M. Caillé, J. Vernhiet
        Pages 227-236
      3. D. L. F. McAuley, R. W. R. Russell
        Pages 243-248
      4. H. R. Müller, U. Wiggli
        Pages 249-254
      5. G. Scotti, D. Melançon, R. Ethier, K. Terbrugge
        Pages 255-260
      6. M. Gado, J. Eichling, C. Higgins, M. Currie
        Pages 272-279
    11. Measurements: Physical Considerations

      1. I. Isherwood, B. R. Pullan, R. A. Rutherford, P. H. Adams
        Pages 291-300
      2. R. A. Rutherford, B. R. Pullan, I. Isherwood
        Pages 301-311
    12. The Body Scanner in Neurological Disease

      1. M. Gado, J. Eichling, M. Currie
        Pages 312-321
      2. I. Isherwood, R. A. Fawcitt, J. R. L. Nettle, J. W. Spencer, B. R. Pullan
        Pages 322-335
  3. C.A.T. of the Body

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 337-337
    2. Anatomy

About these proceedings


The publication of proceedings of conferences has often been so delayed that they are useless both to active workers in the field and for cur­ rently appropriate teaching. Rapid publication on the other hand may impose very difficult conditions upon authors and demand unwelcome sacrifices. We wish to thank the many speakers at ESCAT for their co­ operation in providing manuscripts and to apologise to those unable for reasons beyond their control to fall in with the rigorous editorial policy. To get this book out at the earliest possible moment we have also cut the normal consultation between editors and authors to a minimum. One decision made in the interests of uniformity was to re­ place the various terms used by different writers by one, C. A. T. , consistent with the title of the Seminar of which the book is arecord. The organisers of ESCAT decided upon a largely didactic meeting with as little overlap as was practicable between contributions and a de­ termined attempt to view computerised axial tomography in the light of its clinical usefulness. As consequence, the purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the whole field for clin­ icians as weIl as radiologists. The editors wish to acknowledge the very efficient help and encourage­ ment of the publishers and the hard secretarial work of Miss G. JOHNS, as weIl as the editorial assistance of Dr. DEREK KINGSLEY. London, Spring 1977 G. H. DU BOULAY . I. F.


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