Intracranial Pressure II

  • N. Lundberg
  • U. Pontén
  • M. Brock
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXIV
  2. A Presentation of Pierre Janny

    1. Nils Lundberg
      Pages 1-3
  3. Honorary Lecture

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 5-5
  4. CSF Dynamics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 11-11
    2. Keasley Welch
      Pages 13-16
    3. Antonio Lorenzo
      Pages 17-19
    4. Michael Pollay
      Pages 20-23
    5. D. Gordon Potts, Daniel G. Gomez
      Pages 42-45
    6. Reent Knüpling, Ernst C. Fuchs, Rainer von Waechter, Frank Matakas
      Pages 46-49
    7. Ian Johnston, D. L. Gilday, A. Paterson, E. Bruce Hendrick
      Pages 50-53
    8. Alim Louis Benabid, Jacques de Rougemont, Michel Barge
      Pages 54-60
    9. Bernhard Hofferberth, Frank Matakas, Emanuel Fritschka
      Pages 61-66
  5. Volume/Pressure Relations in the Craniospinal Cavity

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 67-67
    2. Thomas W. Langfitt
      Pages 69-76
    3. Thomas W. Langfitt
      Pages 77-78
    4. Emil Pásztor, Andras Pásztor, Mihály Bodó, Sonija Bogsch
      Pages 82-85
    5. J. Douglas Miller, Peter J. Leech, John D. Pickard
      Pages 97-100
    6. Masahiro Furuse, Mario Brock, Rainer Weber, Michiaki Hasuo, Hermann Dietz
      Pages 101-106
    7. Francois Cohadon, J. P. Castel, A. Nouillant, M. Vandendriessche
      Pages 107-112
    8. Jan Löfgren, Ladislau Steiner, Nicolaus N. Zwetnow
      Pages 113-117
  6. Pathogenesis of Hydrocephalus

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 119-119
    2. Gerald M. Hochwald
      Pages 121-124
    3. Kenneth Shulman
      Pages 125-127
    4. Giulio Maira, Gian Franco Rossi, Andrea Vignati
      Pages 128-132
    5. Kunio Sato, Tokuro Fuchinoue, Yasuji Yahagi
      Pages 133-136
    6. Marcus E. Raichle, John O. Eichling, Mokhtar H. Gado, Robert L. Grubb Jr., Michel M. Ter-Pogossian
      Pages 150-152
    7. David H. Ingvar, Martin S. Schwartz
      Pages 153-159
  7. The Effects of Increased ICP and Ischemia on Brain Metabolism and Morphology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 161-161
    2. Derek A. Bruce
      Pages 163-164
    3. Hans J. Reulen
      Pages 165-166
    4. Lawrence F. Marshall, Felix Durity, David I. Graham, Frank Welsh, Robert Lounsbury, Thomas W. Langfitt
      Pages 172-176
    5. Volker Zimmermann, Volker Hossmann, Konstantin-Alexander Hossmann
      Pages 177-182
    6. Bengt Ljunggren, Roger M. Brown
      Pages 189-194
    7. James E. Raisis, Glenn W. Kindt, Carole A. Miller, John E. McGillicuddy
      Pages 195-197
    8. Marcus E. Raichle, Mokhtar H. Gado, John O. Eichling, Michael E. Phelps, Robert L. Grubb Jr., Edward J. Hoffman et al.
      Pages 198-200
  8. Distribution of Pressures Within the Cranial Cavity

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 201-201
    2. Lindsay Symon, Nicolas W. C. Dorsch
      Pages 203-208
    3. Robert M. Clark, Norman F. Capra, James H. Halsey
      Pages 209-210

About these proceedings


Since the early days of neurosurgery the management of patients with intracranial hypertension has formed part of the day-to-day routine of the neurosurgeon. The introduction of modem techniques for the clinical monitoring of the intracranial pressure (ICP) meant a firmer basis for the diagnosis and treatment of these patients but it also started a new research boom in the pathophysiology of ICP, and its integration with the intracranial dynamics and metabolism of the brain. This development was clearly demonstrated at the first ICP symposium which was most successfully arranged in 1972 by Hermann Dietz and Mario Brock at the Medizinische Hochschule of Hannover. The widespread interest in ICP problems which was so obviously demonstrated during this meeting evoked the idea that further ICP symposia might be warranted. At a final conference the organizers and members of the advisory board agreed that a second ICP symposium should be arranged two years later, and suggested that it should be held in Lund. This volume contains the papers presented at the Second ICP Symposium held in Lund on June 17-19, 1974. A total of 132 papers were submitted. 102 were accepted and included in the abstract volume which was issued to all participants beforehand. The selection was made by the organizing committee in co-operation with the advisory board and the chairmen.


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