Organometallic Catalysts and Olefin Polymerization

Catalysts for a New Millennium

  • Richard Blom
  • Arild Follestad
  • Erling Rytter
  • Mats Tilset
  • Martin Ystenes
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Group IV Catalysts and Cocatalysts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Erling Rytter, Martin Ystenes, Jan L. Eilertsen, Matthias Ott, Jon Andreas Støneng, Jianke Liu
      Pages 23-36
    3. Noriyuki Suzuki, Yuji Masubuchi, Chikako Takayama, Yoshitaka Yamaguchi, Taira Kase, Takeshi Ken Miyamoto et al.
      Pages 37-45
    4. Frank Schaper, Hans-H Brintzinger, Ralph Kleinschmidt, Yolanda van der Leek, Mathias Reffke, Gerhard Fink
      Pages 46-62
    5. Vladimir A. Zakharov, Ivan I. Zakharov, Valentina N. Panchenko
      Pages 63-71
    6. Ilya E. Nifant’ev, Leila Yu Ustynyuk, Dmitri N. Laikov
      Pages 72-85
    7. Holger Frauenrath, Helmut Keul, Hartwig Höcker
      Pages 97-108
    8. E. Zurek, T. K. Woo, T. K. Firman, T. Ziegler
      Pages 109-123
  3. Non Group IV Catalysts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 125-125
    2. A. Döhring, V. R. Jensen, P. W. Jolly, W. Thiel, J. C. Weber
      Pages 127-136
    3. Randolf D. Köhn, Guido Seifert, Gabriele Kociok-Köhn, Shahram Mihan, Dieter Lilge, Heiko Maas
      Pages 147-155
    4. Jun Okuda, Stefan Arndt, Klaus Beckerle, Kai C. Hultzsch, Peter Voth, Thomas P. Spaniol
      Pages 156-165
  4. Traditional Catalysts

  5. Polymerization Mechanisms, Catalyst Structure and Polymer Structure Relationships

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 251-251
    2. Incoronata Tritto, Maria Carmela Sacchi, Paolo Locatelli, Fabrizio Forlini
      Pages 253-266
    3. Abbas Razavi, Didier Baekelmans, Vincenzo Bellia, Yves De Brauwer, Kai Hortmann, Marine Lambrecht et al.
      Pages 267-279
    4. Polina M. Nedorezova, Valentina I. Tsvetkova, Alexander M. Aladyshev, Dmitrii V. Savinov, Dmitrii A. Lemenovskii
      Pages 280-288
    5. Luigi Cavallo, Gianluca Minieri, Paolo Corradini, Adolfo Zambelli, Gaetano Guerra
      Pages 299-306
  6. Polymerization, Co-Polymerization, Non-Traditional Monomers and Polymer Characterization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 315-315
    2. Philipp Walter, Johannes Heinemann, Henner Ebeling, Dietmar Mäder, Stefan Trinkle, Rolf Mülhaupt
      Pages 317-326
    3. Evgeniya Mushina, Yury Podolsky, Vadim Frolov
      Pages 327-334
    4. Esa Kokko, Petri Lehmus, Anneli Malmberg, Barbro Löfgren, Jukka V. Seppälä
      Pages 335-345
    5. Walter Kaminsky, Volker Scholz
      Pages 346-352
    6. Manfred Arnold, Steffen Bornemann, Jana Knorr, Thomas Schimmel
      Pages 353-364
    7. Riccardo Po, Nicoletta Cardi, Maria Anna Cardaci, Roberto Santi
      Pages 365-374
  7. Catalyst Heterogenization and Particle Microreactor Effects

About these proceedings


"Catalysis is more art than science", probably all of you have heard and even used this expression. Whether it is true or not, it alludes to the experience that new catalysts are hard to find, and near impossible to predict. Hard work and a lifetime of experience is invaluable. However, a keen mind might give insight into where to search, but not necessarily about where to find the answers. Historically, "quantum leaps" have often arisen from serendipity - we all know the story about the nickel-contaminated reactor that triggered further research towards the first coordination catalyst for ethene polymerization. Taking advan­ tage of this event, Karl Ziegler became the first chemist to earn both a Nobel prize and a fortune for the same invention. A broken NMR tube helped Walter Kaminsky discover the effect of high concentrations of methylaluminoxanes as co catalysts for metallocenes. When air reacted with the concentrated trim ethyl aluminum solution, sufficient amounts of methylaluminoxanes were formed, and the lazy catalyst dormant in the NMR tube suddenly became sensationally active. Ziegler and Kaminsky were lucky and had the genius needed to take advantage of their luck.


Catalysts Chlor Ethen Katalyse Olefin Pentad Polymerisation Propen Synthese catalysis hydrogen polymer polymerization pressure synthesis

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