Chemical Processes in Atmospheric Oxidation

Laboratory Studies of Chemistry Related to Tropospheric Ozone

  • Georges Le Bras

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXIV
  2. Chapter 1

    1. Georges Le Bras
      Pages 1-12
  3. Scientific Results

    1. G. Le Bras, LACTOZ Steering Group
      Pages 13-72
  4. Individual Reports from LACTOZ Contributors

    1. K. Bächmann, B. Kusserow, J. Polzer, J. Hauptmann, M. Hartmann
      Pages 73-78
    2. K.-H. Becker, I. Barnes, A. Bierbach, K. J. Brockmann, F. Kirchner, B. Klotz et al.
      Pages 79-90
    3. J. P. Burrows, T. Behmann, J. N. Crowley, D. Maric, A. Lastätter-Weißenmayer, G. K. Moortgat et al.
      Pages 91-99
    4. Pacal Devolder, Jean-Pierre Sawerysyn, Christa Fittschein, Abdel Goumri, Lahcen Elmaimouni, Bertrand Bigan et al.
      Pages 100-105
    5. Silke Wolff, Walter V. Turner, Siegmar Gäb, Simone Mönninghoff, Lars Ruppert, Klaus Brockmann
      Pages 106-112
    6. J. Hjorth, N. R. Jensen, H. Skov, F. Capellani, G. Restelli
      Pages 113-119
    7. Michael E. Jenkin, Garry D. Hayman, R. Anthony Cox, Timothy P. Murrells
      Pages 120-127
    8. J. Alistair Kerr, David W. Stocker, Marco Semadeni, Jürg Eberhard, Claudia Müller
      Pages 128-134
    9. Georges Le Bras, Gilles Poulet, N. Butkovskaya, V. Daële, D. Johnstone, I. T. Lançar et al.
      Pages 135-142
    10. R. Lesclaux, A. A. Boyd, I. Bridier, F. Caralp, V. Catoire, F. F. Fenter et al.
      Pages 143-150
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      Pages 157-161
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      Pages 162-169
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      Pages 170-178
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      Pages 218-224
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      Pages 225-231
    20. Cornelius Zetzsch, R. Koch, B. Bohn, R. Knispel, M. Siese, F. Witte
      Pages 247-256
  5. LACTOZ Publications 1988–1995

    1. Georges Le Bras
      Pages 257-309
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 311-314

About this book


Oxidation and removal of atmospheric constituents involve complex sequences of reactions which can lead to the production of photo-oxidants such as ozone. In order to understand and model these complex reaction sequences, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of reaction mechanisms and accurate estimates of kinetic parameters for relevant gas-phase atmospheric reactions. This book presents recent advances in the field and includes the following topics: the oxidation of simple organic compounds, NOx kinetics and mechanisms, OH radical production and rate constants for the OH attack on more complex organic compounds, peroxy and alkoxy radical reactions, photo-oxidation of aromatic and biogenic compounds, the interaction between radical species, the nitrate radical and its role in night-time reactions as well as the sources and sinks of HOx and RO2. This book is volume 3 of the series on Transport and Chemical Transformation of Pollutants in the Troposphere.


EUREKA EUROTRAC Environmentally Relevant Trace Constituents Europe European Experiment Transformation environment environmental project ozone transport

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