Progress in Immunology Vol. VIII

  • János Gergely
  • M. Benczúr
  • Anna Erdei
  • A. Falus
  • Gy. Füst
  • G. Medgyesi
  • Gy. Petrányi
  • Éva Rajnavölgyi
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-LXII
  2. B and T Cell Ontogeny, Repertoire, Selection and Tolerance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. G. J. V. Nossal, M. G. McHeyzer-Williams, B. Pulendran, M. McLean, P. A. Lalor, M. Karvelas
      Pages 3-9
    3. F. Melchers, H. Karasuyama, D. Haasner, A. Rolink
      Pages 11-19
    4. Ian C. M. Maclennan, Yong-Jun Liu, Deborah Hardie, Gerald D. Johnson, Montserrat Casamayor-Palleja, John Gordon
      Pages 21-26
    5. G. Alber, H. Flaswinkel, K.-M. Kim, P. Weiser, M. Reth
      Pages 27-33
    6. A. Strasser, A. W. Harris, S. Cory
      Pages 51-56
    7. P. Marrack, J. H. Freed, L. Ignatowitz, J. McComarck, J. Callahan, P. Hugo et al.
      Pages 57-63
    8. H. Hengartner, P. Ohashi, P. Aichele, S. Oehen, D. Braendle, Ch. Müller et al.
      Pages 65-72
    9. P. Kisielow, W. Swat, H. von Boehmer
      Pages 81-88
  3. Genetics, Structure, Function and Evolution of Immunoglobulins and T Cell Receptors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 89-89
    2. Fumihiko Matsuda, Euy Kyun Shin, Hitoshi Nagaoka, Ryusuke Matsumura, Makoto Haino, Yosho Fukita et al.
      Pages 91-97
    3. Katherine L. Knight, Chander Raman
      Pages 99-106
    4. G. W. Litman, J. P. Rast, M. A. Hulst, R. T. Litman, M. J. Shamblott, R. N. Haire et al.
      Pages 107-114
    5. G. M. Weichold, R. Ohnheiser, H. G. Zachau
      Pages 115-119
    6. C.-A. Reynaud, W. R. Hein, B. A. Imhof, J.-C. Weill
      Pages 121-128
    7. H. von Boehmer, L. Bruno, M. Groettrup, J. Kirberg, W. Swat, P. Kisielow
      Pages 129-133
  4. Mhc, Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Antigen Processing and Presentation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-135
    2. Jan Klein, Hideki Ono, Dagmar Klein, Colm O’hUigin
      Pages 137-143
    3. Naoyuki Takahata, Yoko Satta, Jan Klein
      Pages 153-158
    4. V. Cerundolo, T. Elliott, A. Townsend
      Pages 175-180
    5. C. A. Janeway Jr., P. Preston-Hurlburt, B. Al-Ramadi, J. Rothbard, D. B. Murphy, E.-P. Reich et al.
      Pages 181-188
  5. Signal Transduction Pathways

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 197-197
    2. M. Iwashima, A. C. Chan, B. Irving, D. Straus, A. Weiss
      Pages 205-211
    3. M. L. Thomas, D. B. Bowne, E. Cahir McFarland, E. Flores, R. J. Matthews, J. T. Pingel et al.
      Pages 213-219
  6. Functional T Cell Subsets

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. P. C. L. Beverley
      Pages 231-238
    3. S. Romagnani, G. F. Del Prete, E. Maggi, P. Parronchi, M. De Carli, R. Manetti et al.
      Pages 239-245
    4. F. W. Fitch, M. D. McKisic, D. W. Lancki, T. F. Gajewski
      Pages 247-254
    5. E. R. Podack, G. Deng, M. A. Bowen, Z. Wu, K. J. Olsen, M. Zakarija et al.
      Pages 255-259
    6. J. A. Bluestone, A. Sperling, Y. Tatsumi, T. Barrett, S. Hedrick, L. Matis
      Pages 261-265
  7. Cell Adhesion and Inter-Action Molecules

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 267-267
    2. K. Eichmann, T. Bartlott, A. Ehrfeld, C. Levelt, A. Potocnik, A. Reimann et al.
      Pages 269-274
    3. S. J. Burakoff, T. Collins, W. C. Hahn, J. K. Park, B. P. Sleckmann, V. Igras et al.
      Pages 275-281
    4. N. Hogg, C. Cabañas, J. Harvey, A. McDowall, P. Stanley, M. Stewart et al.
      Pages 283-288
    5. C. Tölg, W. Rudy, M. Hofmann, R. Arch, V. Zawadzki, K. H. Heider et al.
      Pages 289-293
  8. Cytokines and Cytokine Receptors in Health and Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 295-295
    2. J. J. Oppenheim, J.-M. Wang, A. W. Lloyd, D. D. Taub, D. J. Kelvin, R. Neta
      Pages 297-304
    3. A. Schimpl, T. Hünig, L. Berberich, K. Erb, A. Elbe, G. Stingl et al.
      Pages 305-311
    4. J.-C. Renauld, F. Houssiau, A. Vink, C. Uyttenhove, G. Warmer, J. Van Snick
      Pages 313-319
    5. Tadatsugu Taniguchi, Hiroshi Shibuya, Yasuhiro Minami, Takeshi Kono, Masanori Hatakeyama, Naoki Kobayashi et al.
      Pages 321-326

About these proceedings


At this congress there were again numereous reports of progress in immunology. The new technologies are continuing to have an immense impact: gene isolation, mutation, transfection and expression, protein structure andpeptide synthesis, cell cloning, hybridization and monoclonal antibodies, CD serology, SCID and transgenic mice, modern immunomodulation and vaccines. A trmendous mass of data has accumulated over the last years. The reports are up-to-date and outstanding,to a degree no journal will ever achieve, and the results are presented in a concise and lucid way. This report will serve as a guideline for the years to came, because it is a treasure trove of explorations, making it exciting reading. This progress presents outstanding contributions. Immunology is exhibited at its best: an exciting research area and a rewarding subject to study for the benefit of mankind - today more than ever.


Antigen Autoimmun Krankheiten Autoimmune diseases (AIDS) Immune therapy Immunologie Immuntherapie Impfung Oncology Vaccination Viro1ogy Virologie (AIDS) genetics hybridization infectious disease transplantation

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  • M. Benczúr
  • Anna Erdei
  • A. Falus
  • Gy. Füst
  • G. Medgyesi
  • Gy. Petrányi
  • Éva Rajnavölgyi
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