Operations Research ’93

Extended Abstracts of the 18th Symposium on Operations Research held at the University of Cologne September 1–3, 1993

  • Achim Bachem
  • Ulrich Derigs
  • Michael Jünger
  • Rainer Schrader

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVI
  2. Tigran A. Arakelian, Irina E. Danielian
    Pages 8-11
  3. Dariusz Barbucha, Włodzimierz Filipowicz, Piotr Jędrzejowicz
    Pages 20-23
  4. Horst Behnke
    Pages 32-35
  5. Jürgen Bendisch, Ulrich Derigs, Achim Metz
    Pages 36-39
  6. J. Błażewicz, J. Kaczmarek, R. Walkowiak
    Pages 40-42
  7. Paul Petre Bocånete, Laurentiu Neamtu
    Pages 43-46
  8. Max Böhm, Ewald Speckenmeyer
    Pages 50-51
  9. M. H. Breitner, B. Koslik, O. von Stryk, H. J. Pesch
    Pages 60-63
  10. Valentin E. Brimkov, Reneta P. Barneva
    Pages 64-67
  11. Peter Brucker, Bernd Jurisch, Andreas Krämer
    Pages 72-75
  12. Hans Ulrich Buhl, Klaus Sandbiller, Andreas Will
    Pages 76-79
  13. José Vicente Caixeta Filho, Joäo Carlos Vianna de Oliveira
    Pages 80-83
  14. Drago Čepar, Franci Mulec
    Pages 88-91
  15. Drago Čepar, Erika Uršič, Rok Založnik
    Pages 92-95
  16. Yves Crama, Joris van de Klundert
    Pages 97-99
  17. Jean Derks, Hans Peters
    Pages 100-102
  18. Srečko Devjak, Mirko Tratnik, Franc Merzelj
    Pages 103-107
  19. K. Djellab, G. Fleury, M. Gourgand, A. Quilliot
    Pages 115-118
  20. Czesław Domański, Dariusz Parys
    Pages 119-121
  21. R. C. Douven, J. C. Engwerda
    Pages 122-125
  22. Tadeusz Dyduch
    Pages 134-137
  23. Kuno Egle, Szaniszlo Fenyi
    Pages 138-141
  24. Matthias Ehrgott
    Pages 142-144
  25. U. Faigle, W. Kern, S. Fekete, W. Hochstättler
    Pages 153-156
  26. U. Faigle, R. Garbe, K. Heerink, B. Spieker
    Pages 157-160
  27. Andreas Fischer
    Pages 165-168
  28. D. Fortin, A. Tusera
    Pages 169-171
  29. Karl Frauendorfer
    Pages 172-175
  30. G. Galbiati, F. Maffioli
    Pages 180-189

About these proceedings


This proceedings volume contains extended abstracts of talks presented at the 18th Symposium on Operations Research held at the University of Cologne, September 1-3, 1993. The Symposia on Operations Research are the annual meetings of the Gesellschaft fiir Mathematik, Okonometrie und Operations Research (GMOOR), a scientific society providing a link between research and applications in the areas of applied mathematics, economics and operations research. The broad range of interests and scientific activities covered by GMOOR and its members was demonstrated by about 250 talks presented at the 18th Symposium. As in l'ecent years, emphasis was placed on optimization and stochastics, this year with a special focus on combinatorial optimization and discrete mathematics. We appreciate that with sections on parallel and distributed computing and on scientific computing also new fields could be integrated into the scope of the GMOOR. This book contains extended abstracts of most of the papers presented at the con­ ference. Long versions and full papers of the talks are expected to appear elsewhere in refereed periodicals. The contributions were divided into sixteen sections: (1) Theory of Optimization, (2) Computational Methods of Optimization, (3) Combinatorial Optimization and Dis­ crete Mathematics, (4) Scientific Computing, (5) Decision Theory, (6) Mathematical Economics and Game Theory, (7) Banking, Finance and Insurance, (8) Econometrics, (9) Macroeconomics and Economic Theory, (10) Stochastics, (11) Production and Lo­ gistics, (12) System and Control Theory, (13) Routing and Scheduling, (14) Knowledge Based Systems, (15) Information Systems and (16) Parallel and Distributed Compu­ ting.


Calculation Computer Markov chain Operations Research Unternehmensforschung Variable calculus decision theory distributed computing game theory linear optimization management science optimization statistics

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  • Achim Bachem
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  • Ulrich Derigs
    • 2
  • Michael Jünger
    • 3
  • Rainer Schrader
    • 3
  1. 1.Mathematisches InstitutUniversität zu KölnKölnGermany
  2. 2.Lehrstuhl für WirtschaftsinformatikUniversität zu KölnKölnGermany
  3. 3.Institut für InformatikUniversität zu KölnKölnGermany

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