Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Environmental Change in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of South Ecuador

  • Jörg Bendix
  • Erwin Beck
  • Achim Bräuning
  • Franz Makeschin
  • Reinhard Mosandl
  • Stefan Scheu
  • Wolfgang Wilcke

Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 221)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Michael Richter, Erwin Beck, Rütger Rollenbeck, Jörg Bendix
      Pages 3-17
    3. Thorsten Peters, Thomas Drobnik, Hanna Meyer, Melanie Rankl, Michael Richter, Rütger Rollenbeck et al.
      Pages 19-29
    4. Jan Barkmann, Sofia Eichhorn, Byron Maza, Frank v. Walter, Roland Olschewski
      Pages 31-40
    5. Jan Barkmann, Boris M. Hillmann, Rainer Marggraf
      Pages 41-49
  3. Current Situation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 51-51
    2. Fernando Rodriguez, Achim Bräuning, Andrés Gerique, Hermann Behling, Franziska Volland
      Pages 53-66
    3. Konrad Fiedler, Patrick Strutzenberger
      Pages 67-79
    4. Matthias C. Rillig, Tessa Camenzind, Julia Gawlik, Ingeborg Haug, Valentyna Krashevska, Mark Maraun et al.
      Pages 81-92
    5. Jürgen Homeier, Florian A. Werner, Julia Gawlik, Thorsten Peters, Karl-Heinz J. Diertl, Michael Richter
      Pages 93-106
    6. Lutz Breuer, David Windhorst, Andreas Fries, Wolfgang Wilcke
      Pages 107-116
    7. Christoph Leuschner, Alexandra Zach, Gerald Moser, Jürgen Homeier, Sophie Graefe, Dietrich Hertel et al.
      Pages 117-139
    8. Wolfgang Wilcke, Jens Boy, Ute Hamer, Karin Potthast, Rütger Rollenbeck, Carlos Valarezo
      Pages 141-151
    9. Jörg Bendix, Claudia Dislich, Andreas Huth, Bernd Huwe, Mareike Ließ, Boris Schröder et al.
      Pages 153-170
    10. Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Maria Fernanda López, Andrés Gerique, Perdita Pohle, Patrick Hildebrandt et al.
      Pages 171-185
    11. Ingrid Kottke, Sabrina Setaro, Ingeborg Haug, Paulo Herrera, Dario Cruz, Andreas Fries et al.
      Pages 187-203
    12. Kristin Roos, Jörg Bendix, Giulia F. Curatola, Julia Gawlik, Andrés Gerique, Ute Hamer et al.
      Pages 205-217
    13. Perdita Pohle, Andrés Gerique, Maria Fernanda López, Regine Spohner
      Pages 219-234
    14. Baltazar Calvas, Thomas Knoke, Luz Maria Castro, Patrick Hildebrandt, Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm et al.
      Pages 235-244
  4. Future Environmental Changes and Their Impacts on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 245-245
    2. Florian A. Werner, Nele Jantz, Valentyna Krashevska, Thorsten Peters, Hermann Behling, Mark Maraun et al.
      Pages 247-263
    3. Lutz Breuer, Jean-François Exbrayat, Ina Plesca, Wouter Buytaert, Theresa Ehmann, Thorsten Peters et al.
      Pages 265-274
    4. David Windhorst, Brenner Silva, Thorsten Peters, Hanna Meyer, Boris Thies, Jörg Bendix et al.
      Pages 275-286
    5. Rütger Rollenbeck, Insa Otte, Peter Fabian, Wolfgang Wilcke, Darwin Pucha Cofrep, Achim Bräuning et al.
      Pages 287-296
    6. Ute Hamer, Karin Potthast, Wolfgang Wilcke, Hans Wullaert, Carlos Valarezo, Dorothee Sandmann et al.
      Pages 297-313
    7. Jürgen Homeier, Christoph Leuschner, Achim Bräuning, Nixon L. Cumbicus, Dietrich Hertel, Guntars O. Martinson et al.
      Pages 315-329
    8. Brenner Silva, Claudia Dislich, Ingo Voss, Kristin Roos, Renate Scheibe, Peter Vorpahl et al.
      Pages 331-341
    9. Thomas Knoke, Baltazar Calvas, Patrick Hildebrandt, Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Sven Günter et al.
      Pages 343-353
    10. Erwin Beck, Jörg Bendix, Brenner Silva, Rütger Rollenbeck, Lukas Lehnert, Ute Hamer et al.
      Pages 355-370
  5. Synopsis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 371-371
    2. Erwin Beck, Jörg Bendix
      Pages 373-393
    3. Sven Günter, Baltazar Calvas, Thomas Lotz, Jörg Bendix, Reinhard Mosandl
      Pages 395-410
    4. Perdita Pohle, Maria Fernanda López, Erwin Beck, Jörg Bendix
      Pages 411-428
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 429-440

About this book


An interdisciplinary research unit consisting of 30 teams in the natural, economic and social sciences analyzed biodiversity and ecosystem services of a mountain rainforest ecosystem in the hotspot of the tropical Andes, with special reference to past, current and future environmental changes. The group assessed ecosystem services using data from ecological field and scenario-driven model experiments, and with the help of comparative field surveys of the natural forest and its anthropogenic replacement system for agriculture.

The book offers insights into the impacts of environmental change on various service categories mentioned in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005): cultural, regulating, supporting and provisioning ecosystem services. Examples focus on biodiversity of plants and animals including trophic networks, and abiotic/biotic parameters such as soils, regional climate, water, nutrient and sediment cycles. The types of threats considered include land use and climate changes, as well as atmospheric fertilization. In terms of regulating and provisioning services, the emphasis is primarily on water regulation and supply as well as climate regulation and carbon sequestration. With regard to provisioning services, the synthesis of the book provides science-based recommendations for a sustainable land use portfolio including several options such as forestry, pasture management and the practices of indigenous peoples. In closing, the authors show how they integrated the local society by pursuing capacity building in compliance with the CBD-ABS (Convention on Biological Diversity - Access and Benefit Sharing), in the form of education and knowledge transfer for application.


Andes Climate change Land use Rainforest Reforestation Sustainability

Editors and affiliations

  • Jörg Bendix
    • 1
  • Erwin Beck
    • 2
  • Achim Bräuning
    • 3
  • Franz Makeschin
    • 4
  • Reinhard Mosandl
    • 5
  • Stefan Scheu
    • 6
  • Wolfgang Wilcke
    • 7
  1. 1., Faculty of GeographyPhilipps University MarburgMarburgGermany
  2. 2., Department of Plant Physiology and BayreUniversity of BayreuthBayreuthGermany
  3. 3., Institute of GeographyUniversity of Erlangen-NurembergErlangenGermany
  4. 4., Institute of Soil Science and Site EcoloTechnical University of DresdenTharandtGermany
  5. 5., Institute of SilvicultureTechnische Universität MünchenFreisingGermany
  6. 6., J.F. Blumenbach Institute of Zoology andGeorg August University GöttingenGöttingenGermany
  7. 7., Geographic Institute of the University oUniversity of BernBernSwitzerland

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