Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change

  • Sunil Nautiyal
  • K.S. Rao
  • Harald Kaechele
  • K.V. Raju
  • Ruediger Schaldach

Part of the Environmental Science and Engineering book series (ESE)

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Sunil Nautiyal, K. S. Rao, H. Kaechele, K. V. Raju, R. Schaldach
    Pages 1-6
  3. J. Joyson Joe Jeevamani, B. Kamalakannan, N. Arun Nagendran, S. Chandrasekaran
    Pages 87-94
  4. M. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, Shahid Yousuf, S. A. Mir, F. A. Shaheen
    Pages 95-118
  5. Barun Kumar Thakur, Vijaya Gupta, Utpal Chattopadhyay
    Pages 163-182
  6. Manish Kumar Bajpai, Brajesh Pande, Phalguni Gupta, Prabhat Munshi
    Pages 183-187
  7. C. N. Pandey, S. K. Nath, D. Sujatha
    Pages 225-238
  8. Shailly Anand, Jaya Malhotra, Neha Niharika, Devi Lal, Swati Jindal, Jaspreet Kaur et al.
    Pages 387-404
  9. S. P. S. Kushwaha, Suchismita Mukhopadhyay
    Pages 465-476
  10. Göran Wall, Dilip G. Banhatti
    Pages 477-488
  11. S. Subramanian, G. Bhalachandran
    Pages 511-534
  12. Tejaswini B. Yakkundimath
    Pages 669-681
  13. M. B. Rajegowda, H. S. Padmashri, N. A. Janardhana Gowda, C. N. Shilpa, B. V. Pavithra, D. V. Soumya
    Pages 683-691
  14. H. Kaechele, T. Kutter, K. Specht, S. Nautiyal, T. S. Amjath-Babu, K. Müller et al.
    Pages 693-716
  15. Sunil Nautiyal, K. S. Rao, H. Kaechele, K. V. Raju, R. Schaldach
    Pages 717-720

About this book


Climate change is broadly recognized as a key environmental issue affecting social and ecological systems worldwide. At the Cancun summit of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 16th Conference, the parties jointly agreed that the vulnerable groups particularly in developing countries and whose livelihood is based on land use practices are the most common victims as in most cases their activities are shaped by the climate. Therefore, solving the climate dilemma through mitigation processes and scientific research is an ethical concern. Thus combining the knowledge systems of the societies and scientific evidences can greatly assist in the creation of coping mechanisms for sustainable development in a situation of changing climate. International Humboldt Kolleg focusing on “knowledge systems of societies and Climate Change” was organized at ISEC. This event was of unique importance, as the year 2011-12 was celebrated as the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between India and Germany with the motto "Germany and India - Infinite Opportunities." This volume is the outcome of the papers presented during the IHK 2011 at ISEC, India.


Carbon Budgeting Climate Change Ecology Socio-Ecological Development Sustainable Development

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  • Sunil Nautiyal
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  • K.S. Rao
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  • Harald Kaechele
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  • K.V. Raju
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  • Ruediger Schaldach
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  1. 1., Centre for Ecological Economics andInstitute for Social and Economic ChangeBangaloreIndia
  2. 2., Department of BotanyUniversity of DelhiDelhiIndia
  3. 3.Landscape Research, Institute of SocioeconomicsLeibniz Centre for AgriculturalMünchebergGermany
  4. 4., Centre for Ecological Economics and NatuInstitute for Social and Economic ChangeBangaloreIndia
  5. 5., Centre for Environmental System ResearchUniversity of KasselKasselGermany

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