Unsaponifiable Matter in Plant Seed Oils

  • Didier Fontanel

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Here, the author has compiled data on about 550 oil-bearing plant species with respect to their content of unsaponifiable matters and oils. This unique information resource offers important information for research and development of food products such as neutraceuticals as well as cosmetics. Unsaponifiable matters have varying effects: Conservation and stability (e.g.  lignans, tocopherols, tocotrienols), anti-inflammatory properties (triterpene alcohols), cholesterol-lowering (sterols), well tolerated occlusive effect on the skin (squalene).
Information is provided in a clear and systematic fashion, including data on relevant chemical families and pertinent chemical structures. Also included is a thesaurus of English, Latin and French plant species names as well as 655 references to the scientific literature.


Analysis of Unsaponifiable Matter Carotenoids Content of Unsaponifiable Matter Lignans Lipid Content of Plant Seeds Phytosterols Plant Seed Oil Squalenes Tocopherols Triterpene Alcohols

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