Structure-Property Relationships in Non-Linear Optical Crystals II

The IR Region

  • Xin-Tao Wu
  • Ling Chen

Part of the Structure and Bonding book series (STRUCTURE, volume 145)

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Xiao-Ming Jiang, Sheng-Ping Guo, Hui-Yi Zeng, Ming-Jian Zhang, Guo-Cong Guo: Large Crystal Growth and New Crystal Exploration of Mid-Infrared Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials.

Kechen Wu: Simulation and Design of Infrared Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials in Metal Cluster Compounds

Chaoyang Tu: The Recent Development Of SRS and SRS SF- conversion Laser Crystal

Hua-Jun Zhao, Xin-Tao Wu, Li-Ming Wu: Exploration of New Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Compounds Containing Main Group Elements


Borate SF-Conversion Doped BBO Halogen Anion Effect Laser Crystals NLO Crystals Non-Linear Optical Crystals Non-Linear Optical Materials Review UV Borate Materials

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  • Xin-Tao Wu
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  • Ling Chen
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  1. 1.Fujian Institute of Research on the, Structure of Matter (FJIRSM)Chinese Academy of SciencesFuzhou, FujianChina, People's Republic
  2. 2., Fujian Institute of ResearchChinese Academy of SciencesFuzhou, FujianChina, People's Republic

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