Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines

Proceedings of the 1st AtMol European Workshop Singapore 28th-29th June 2011

  • Christian Joachim
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Atom and Single Molecule Machines book series (AASMM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. B. Guenther, M. Maier, J. Koeble, A. Bettac, F. Matthes, C. M. Schneider et al.
    Pages 1-8
  3. Vasily Cherepanov, Evgeny Zubkov, Hubertus Junker, Stefan Korte, Marcus Blab, Peter Coenen et al.
    Pages 9-21
  4. O. A. Neucheva, R. Thamankar, T. L. Yap, C. Troadec, J. Deng, C. Joachim
    Pages 23-33
  5. D. Martrou, L. Guiraud, R. Laloo, B. Pecassou, P. Abeilhou, O. Guillermet et al.
    Pages 35-52
  6. T. Vančura, S. Schmitt, V. Friedli, S. Torbrügge, O. Schaff
    Pages 81-87
  7. John N. Randall, James R. Von Ehr, Joshua Ballard, James Owen, Rahul Saini, Ehud Fuchs et al.
    Pages 89-106
  8. M. Berthe, C. Durand, T. Xu, J. P. Nys, P. Caroff, B. Grandidier
    Pages 107-118
  9. R. Thamankar, O. A. Neucheva, T. L. Yap, C. Joachim
    Pages 131-140
  10. M. Wojtaszek, M. Kolmer, S. Godlewski, J. Budzioch, B. Such, F. Krok et al.
    Pages 141-152
  11. S. Hasegawa, T. Hirahara, Y. Kitaoka, S. Yoshimoto, T. Tono, T. Ohba
    Pages 153-165
  12. Janik Zikovsky, Mark H. Salomons, Stanislav A. Dogel, Robert A. Wolkow
    Pages 167-179
  13. C. A. Bobisch, A. M. Bernhart, M. R. Kaspers, M. C. Cottin, J. Schaffert, R. Möller
    Pages 197-214
  14. Cedric Troadec, Jie Deng, Francisco Ample, Ramesh Thamankar, Christian Joachim
    Pages 215-223
  15. Haiming Guo, Yeliang Wang, Min Feng, Li Gao, Hongjun Gao
    Pages 225-244

About these proceedings


This volume documents the first International Workshop on Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines organised by the European Integrated Project AtMol in June 2011 in Singapore. The four sessions, discussed here in revised contributions by high level speakers, span topics such as: multi-probe UHV instrumentation, atomic scale nano-material nanowires characterization, atomic scale surface conductance measurements and surface atomic scale mechanical machineries. This state-of-the-art account allows academic researchers and industry engineers access to the tools they need to be at the forefront of the atomic scale technology revolution.


AtMol Atom Technology LT-UHV STM Molecule logic gates Nano interconnections

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