Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics

  • Frank Träger

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXI
  2. Basic Principles and Materials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-424
    2. Richard F. Haglund
      Pages 3-33
    3. Norbert Lindlein, Gerd Leuchs
      Pages 35-87
    4. Norbert Lindlein, Gerd Leuchs
      Pages 89-160
    5. Aleksei Zheltikov, Anne LʼHuillier, Ferenc Krausz
      Pages 161-251
    6. Matthias Brinkmann, Joseph Hayden, Martin Letz, Steffen Reichel, Carol Click, Wolfgang Mannstadt et al.
      Pages 253-399
    7. Detlev Ristau, Henrik Ehlers
      Pages 401-424
  3. Fabrication and Properties of Optical Components

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 425-619
    2. Robert P. Breault, Mary Turner
      Pages 427-445
    3. Robert Brunner, Malte Hagemann, Steffen Reichel, Kiyoshi Asakawa, Enrico Geißler, Dietrich Martin et al.
      Pages 447-541
    4. Bernd Tabbert, Alexander Goushcha
      Pages 543-619
  4. Coherent and Incoherent Light Sources

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 621-1094
    2. Dietrich Bertram, Matthias Born, Thomas Jüstel
      Pages 623-640
    3. Orazio Svelto, Stefano Longhi, Giuseppe Della Valle, Günter Huber, Stefan Kück, Markus Pollnau et al.
      Pages 641-1046
    4. Matthias Wollenhaupt, Andreas Assion, Thomas Baumert
      Pages 1047-1094
  5. Selected Applications and Special Fields

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1095-1600
    2. Sune Svanberg, Wolfgang Demtröder
      Pages 1097-1169
    3. Ajoy Ghatak, K. Thyagarajan
      Pages 1171-1208
    4. Reinhard März, Christoph Wächter
      Pages 1209-1253
    5. Michael Totzeck
      Pages 1255-1283
    6. Theodor W. Hänsch, Nathalie Picqué
      Pages 1285-1304
    7. Gerard Milburn
      Pages 1305-1333
    8. Motoichi Ohtsu
      Pages 1335-1358
    9. Christoph Cremer
      Pages 1359-1397
    10. Daniel R. Grischkowsky
      Pages 1399-1459
    11. Christian G. Schroer, Bruno Lengeler
      Pages 1461-1474
    12. Ulrich Platt, Klaus Pfeilsticker, Michael Vollmer
      Pages 1475-1517
    13. Mirco Imlau, Martin Fally, Geoffrey W. Burr, Glenn T. Sincerbox
      Pages 1519-1568
    14. Hans-Dieter Reidenbach
      Pages 1569-1600
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 1601-1694

About this book


The Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics provides fast, up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the wide fields of optics and lasers. It is written for daily use in the office or laboratory and offers explanatory text, data, and references needed for anyone working with lasers and optical instruments.

This second edition features numerous updates and additions. Especially four new chapters on Fiber Optics, Integrated Optics, Frequency Combs, and Interferometry reflect the major changes. In addition, chapters Optical Materials and Their Properties, Optical Detectors, Nanooptics, and Optics far Beyond the Diffraction Limit have been thoroughly revised and updated.

The now 25 chapters are grouped into four parts which cover basic principles and materials, fabrication and properties of optical components, coherent and incoherent light sources, and, finally, selected applications and special fields such as terahertz photonics, x-ray optics and holography.

Each chapter is authored by respected experts and contains the basic principles, applications and latest information in the field. Among the subjects covered are geometrical and wave optics, linear and nonlinear optics, optical materials and components, detectors, incoherent and all essential types of coherent light sources, generation of ultrashort pulses, spectroscopic techniques, laser safety as well as current trends in such modern areas as quantum optics, femto- and attosecond physics, and nanooptics as well as optics  beyond the diffraction limit.

The handbook is written and compiled for physicists, engineers and other scientists at universities and in industrial research who develop and use optical techniques.

With a Foreword by Nobel Laureate T.W. Hänsch.

Key Topics

› Basic optics principles

› Coherent and incoherent light sources

› Spectroscopies and attophysics

› Optical materials and their properties

› Fabrication and properties of optical components

› Fiber optics, integrated optics, frequency combs, and interferometry

› Selected applications and special fields: Nanooptics, quantum optics, x-ray optics, terahertz photonics, and holography


› Contains over 1000 two-color illustrations

› Includes over 120 comprehensive tables with properties of optical materials and light sources

› Emphasizes physical concepts over extensive mathematical derivations.

› Chapters with summaries, detailed index

› Delivers a wealth of up-to-date references. 


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