Hydrogeological and Environmental Investigations in Karst Systems

  • Bartolomé Andreo
  • Francisco Carrasco
  • Juan José Durán
  • Pablo Jiménez
  • James W. LaMoreaux

Part of the Environmental Earth Sciences book series (EESCI, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. C. Guardiola-Albert, S. Martos-Rosillo, J. J. Durán, E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, P. A. Robledo-Ardila, J. A. Luque Espinar
    Pages 67-74
  3. E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, J. J. Durán, P. A. Robledo-Ardila, J. A. Luque-Espinar, A. Pedrera, C. Guardiola-Albert et al.
    Pages 75-82
  4. S. Martos-Rosillo, A. González-Ramón, P. Jiménez, J.J. Durán, B. Andreo, E. Mancera-Molero
    Pages 91-102
  5. B. A. Smith, B. B. Hunt, A. G. Andrews, J. A. Watson, M. O. Gary, D. A. Wierman et al.
    Pages 153-161
  6. D. Sánchez, B. Andreo, M. López, M. J. González, M. Mudarra
    Pages 171-180
  7. L. Zini, G. Casagrande, C. Calligaris, F. Cucchi, P. Manca, F. Treu et al.
    Pages 219-226
  8. P. Malík, I. Slaninka, J. Švasta, J. Michalko
    Pages 237-244
  9. A. Ruiz-Constán, C. Marín-Lechado, S. Martos-Rosillo, C. Fernández-Leyva, J.L. García-Lobón, A. Pedrera et al.
    Pages 255-262
  10. A. Ruiz-Constán, J. P. González de Aguilar, A. Pedrera, S. Martos-Rosillo, J. Galindo-Zaldívar, C. Martín-Montañés
    Pages 263-270
  11. E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, J. J. Durán, P. A. Robledo-Ardila, C. Paredes
    Pages 271-276
  12. E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, J. A. Luque-Espinar, J. J. Durán, A. Pedrera, S. Martos-Rosillo, C. Guardiola-Albert et al.
    Pages 277-283
  13. E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, J. J. Durán, P. A. Robledo-Ardila
    Pages 285-291
  14. J.-B. Charlier, R. Moussa, V. Bailly-Comte, J.-F. Desprats, B. Ladouche
    Pages 293-301
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    Pages 323-329
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    Pages 345-352
  17. L. Kong-A-Siou, V. Borrell-Estupina, A. Johannet, S. Pistre
    Pages 361-369
  18. Y. Cabeza, J. J. Hidalgo, J. Carrera
    Pages 379-385
  19. V. Ristic Vakanjac, Z. Stevanovic, M. Aleksandra, B. Vakanjac, C. I. Marina
    Pages 387-396
  20. R. Alcaraz, E. Graniel, A. F. Castro, I. Vadillo
    Pages 433-439

About this book


WATER RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT provides a detailed introduction to the full range of advanced, multidisciplinary techniques used in the study of water resources from understanding individual aquifers to the protection and management of water in a sustainable way, compatible with the preservation of the environment. Based on a masters course from UNESCO’s International Hydrological Program, this textbook is accompanied by color figures and graphics, illustrating clearly the content of the text and showing real examples from the field. Each chapter also contains a list of exercises and practical activities as well as case studies.


International Hydrological Program Sustainable water management UNESCO Water protection Water resources

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  • Bartolomé Andreo
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  • Francisco Carrasco
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  • Juan José Durán
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  • Pablo Jiménez
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  • James W. LaMoreaux
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  1. 1.Department of Geology and Centre of HydrogeologyUniversity of Málaga (CEHIUMA)MálagaSpain
  2. 2.Department of Geology and Centre of HydrogeologyUniversity of Málaga (CEHIUMA)MálagaSpain
  3. 3.Investigación&Prospectiva GeocientíficaSpanish Geological Survey (IGME)MadridSpain
  4. 4.Department of Geology and Centre of HydrogeologyUniversity of Málaga (CEHIUMA)MálagaSpain
  5. 5.PELATuscaloosaUSA

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