The Economic, Social and Political Elements of Climate Change

  • Walter Leal Filho
Conference proceedings

Part of the Climate Change Management book series (CCM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Social Aspects of Climate Change

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Liam Phelan, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Ros Taplin
      Pages 81-98
    3. Christian A. Kloeckner
      Pages 153-173
  3. Economic Aspects of Climate Change

  4. Political Aspects of Climate Change

  5. Practical Aspects, Initiatives, Frameworks and Projects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 507-507
    2. Jos G. Timmerman, Sonja Koeppel, Francesca Bernardini, Joost J. Buntsma
      Pages 523-541
    3. A. Henderson-Sellers
      Pages 555-573
    4. Muawya Ahmed Hussein
      Pages 589-601
    5. Stelios Grafakos, Alexandros Flamos, Vlasis Oikonomou, Dimitrios Zevgolis
      Pages 623-648
    6. Kolja Seeckt, Philip Krammer, Malte Schwarze, Dieter Scholz
      Pages 649-667
    7. Saskia E. Werners, Jennifer West, Rik Leemans, J. David Tàbara, Xingang Dai, Zsuzsanna Flachner et al.
      Pages 669-692
    8. Maruf Sanni, James O. Adejuwon, Idowu Ologeh, William O. Siyanbola
      Pages 693-702
    9. Peter Laderach, Mark Lundy, Andy Jarvis, Julian Ramirez, Emiliano Perez Portilla, Kathleen Schepp et al.
      Pages 703-723
    10. Bob Doppelt, Roger Hamilton, Stacy Vynne
      Pages 725-731
    11. Supriya Mathew, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Ros Taplin
      Pages 733-751

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A unique feature of this book is its strong practice-oriented nature: it contains a wide range of papers dealing with the social, economic and political aspects of climate change, exemplifying the diversity of approaches to climate change management taking place all over the world, in a way never seen before. In addition, the book describes a number of projects and other initiatives happening in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin American and the Australasian region, providing a profile of the diversity of works taking place today.(P)


Corporate Social Responsibility Ecology Environmental Management Governance Sustainability

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