Optical Measurement of Surface Topography

  • Richard Leach

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  1. Front Matter
  2. Richard Leach
    Pages 15-22
  3. Gerd Häusler, Svenja Ettl
    Pages 23-48
  4. Richard Leach, Claudiu Giusca
    Pages 49-70
  5. François Blateyron
    Pages 71-106
  6. Katsuhiro Miura, Atsuko Nose
    Pages 107-129
  7. Franz Helmli
    Pages 131-166
  8. Peter de Groot
    Pages 167-186
  9. Peter de Groot
    Pages 187-208
  10. Tristan Colomb, Jonas Kühn
    Pages 209-235
  11. Roger Artigas
    Pages 237-286
  12. Theodore V. Vorburger, Richard Silver, Rainer Brodmann, Boris Brodmann, Jörg Seewig
    Pages 287-318
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About this book


The measurement and characterisation of surface topography is crucial to modern manufacturing industry. The control of areal surface structure allows a manufacturer to radically alter the functionality of a part. Examples include structuring to effect fluidics, optics, tribology, aerodynamics and biology. To control such manu­facturing methods requires measurement strategies. There is now a large range of new optical techniques on the market, or being developed in academia, that can measure areal surface topography. Each method has its strong points and limitations. The book starts with introductory chapters on optical instruments, their common language, generic features and limitations, and their calibration. Each type of modern optical instrument is described (in a common format) by an expert in the field. The book is intended for both industrial and academic scientists and engineers, and will be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


Confocal microscopy Instrument calibration Scattering methods Surface roughness Topography characterization

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