Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications 2009

Proceedings of ENUMATH 2009, the 8th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, Uppsala, July 2009

  • Gunilla Kreiss
  • Per Lötstedt
  • Axel Målqvist
  • Maya Neytcheva

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Invited Papers

  3. Contributed Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 59-59
    2. Qaisar Abbas, Edwin van der Weide, Jan Nordström
      Pages 61-68
    3. Torsten Adolph, Willi Schönauer, Markus Niessen, Wolfgang Schulz
      Pages 69-76
    4. Lino J. Alvarez-Vázquez, Francisco J. Fernández, Aurea Martínez
      Pages 77-85
    5. Mohamed Amara, Agnès Pétrau, David Trujillo
      Pages 87-95
    6. Peter Bastian, Gerrit Buse, Oliver Sander
      Pages 107-114
    7. Petr Bauer, Atsushi Suzuki, Zbyněk Jaňour
      Pages 115-123
    8. Roland Becker, Daniela Capatina
      Pages 135-143
    9. L. Beneš, J. Fürst
      Pages 155-162
    10. Raimund Bürger, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
      Pages 199-207
    11. R. Campagna, L. D’Amore, A. Galletti, A. Murli, M. Rizzardi
      Pages 209-216
    12. D. Casaburi, L. D’Amore, L. Marcellino, A. Murli
      Pages 217-225
    13. M. J. Castro Díaz, M. Lastra, J. M. Mantas, S. Ortega
      Pages 227-235
    14. R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, M. Donatelli, S. Serra-Capizzano
      Pages 237-244
    15. Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Macarena Gómez Mármol, Isabel Sánchez Munoz
      Pages 245-252
    16. Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Macarena Gómez Mármol, Isabel Sánchez Muñoz
      Pages 253-260
    17. Denise De Siqueira, Philippe R. B. Devloo, Sônia M. Gomes
      Pages 269-276
    18. Kenneth Duru, Gunilla Kreiss
      Pages 287-295
    19. Miloslav Feistauer, Václav Kučera, Karel Najzar, Jaroslava Prokopová
      Pages 325-333
    20. Petr Furmánek, Jiří Fürst, Karel Kozel
      Pages 335-342
    21. João L. Gonçalves, Philippe R. B. Devloo, Sônia M. Gomes
      Pages 369-376
    22. Andrew D. Gordon, Catherine E. Powell
      Pages 377-385
    23. Carsten Gräser, Ralf Kornhuber, Uli Sack
      Pages 397-405
    24. Christian Groß, Rolf Krause, Mirjam Walloth
      Pages 407-415
    25. Antti Hannukainen, Mika Juntunen, Rolf Stenberg
      Pages 425-432
    26. Timo Heister, Gert Lube, Gerd Rapin
      Pages 443-450

About these proceedings


This is the proceedings from the ENUMATH 2009 conference in Uppsala, Sweden, in June 29- July 3, 2009, with about 100 papers by the invited speakers and the speakers in the minisymposia and contributed sessions. The volume gives an overview of contemporary techniques, algorithms and results in numerical mathematics, scientific computing and their applications. Examples of methods are finite element methods, multiscale methods, numerical linear algebra, and high performance computing algorithms applied to problems in fluid flow, materials, electromagnetics, and chemistry.


Approximation computational mathematics finite element method numerical mathematics scientific computing

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  • Per Lötstedt
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  • Axel Målqvist
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  • Maya Neytcheva
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