Differential Topology

  • Editors
  • Vinicio Villani

Part of the C.I.M.E. Summer Schools book series (CIME, volume 73)

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A. Banyaga: On the group of diffeomorphisms preserving an exact symplectic.- G.A. Fredricks: Some remarks on Cauchy-Riemann structures.- A. Haefliger: Differentiable Cohomology.- J.N. Mather: On the homology of Haefliger’s classifying space.- P. Michor: Manifolds of differentiable maps.- V. Poenaru: Some remarks on low-dimensional topology and immersion theory.- F. Sergeraert: La classe de cobordisme des feuilletages de Reeb de S³ est nulle.- G. Wallet: Invariant de Godbillon-Vey et difféomorphismes commutants.

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