Introduction to Radiation Protection

Practical Knowledge for Handling Radioactive Sources

  • Claus Grupen

Part of the Graduate Texts in Physics book series (GTP)

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About this book


The book presents an accessible account of  the sources of ionising radiation and the methods of radiation protection. The basics of nuclear physics which are directly related to radiation protection are briefly discussed. The book describes the units of radiation protection, the measurement techniques, biological effects of radiation, environmental radiation, and many applications of radiation. For each chapter there is a problem section with full solutions. A detailed glossary and many useful information in appendixes complete the book. The author has addressed the issue of internationality to make sure that the text and, in particular, the complicated regulations can be easily interpreted not only in Europe and the United States but also in other countries. The subject of radiation protection requires a certain amount of mathematics. For those who have forgotten the basic rules of calculus a short refresher course in the form of a mathematical appendix is added.


Biological radiation effects International radiation regulations Ionising radiation sources Radiation protection measures Radiation protection textbook Radioactivity X-ray biological effects ionizing

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