Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ISIAME 2008) held in Budapest, Hungary, 17–22 August 2008

  • E. Kuzmann
  • K. Lázár
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. E. Kuzmann, K. Lázár
    Pages 1-2
  3. P. Gütlich, A. Bhattacharjee, M. Seredyuk, A. B. Gaspar
    Pages 3-19
  4. Jolanta Galazka-Friedman, Andrzej Friedman, Erika R. Bauminger
    Pages 31-37
  5. Marcel Miglierini, Adriana Lančok, Márius Pavlovič
    Pages 45-52
  6. J. Schunk, G. Patek, T. Pintér, P. Tilky, J. Ősz, T. Salamon et al.
    Pages 63-71
  7. I. P. Suzdalev, Yu. V. Maksimov
    Pages 73-84
  8. Rabia Nazir, Muhammad Mazhar, Muhammad Siddique, S. Tajammul Hussain
    Pages 85-95
  9. A. Lancok, M. Klementova, P. Bezdicka, M. Miglierini
    Pages 97-103
  10. A. Saad, J. Kasiuk, J. Fedotova, E. Szilagyi, J. Przewoznik, Cz. Kapusta et al.
    Pages 111-117
  11. E. Fazakas, S. N. Kane, K. Lazar, L. K. Varga
    Pages 119-123
  12. Valdirene Gonzaga de Resende, Eddy De Grave, Christophe Laurent
    Pages 125-130
  13. Hong Zheng, Yong Yang, Mingji Zhou, Fashen Li
    Pages 131-136
  14. Kęstutis Mažeika, Jonas Reklaitis, Arūnas Jagminas, Dalis Baltrūnas
    Pages 137-142
  15. J. A. Mejía Gómez, V. G. de Resende, J. Antonissen, E. De Grave
    Pages 143-149
  16. R. F. C. Marques, A. F. R. Rodriguez, J. A. H. Coaquira, J. G. Santos, V. K. Garg, M. Jafelicci Jr. et al.
    Pages 159-166
  17. O. Schneeweiss, R. Zbořil, B. David, M. Heřmánek, M. Mashlan
    Pages 167-173
  18. C. Van Cromphaut, V. G. de Resende, E. De Grave, L. Presmanes, I. Pasquet, P. Thaillades
    Pages 175-181
  19. I. Felner, I. Nowik, E. Prilutskiy
    Pages 189-195
  20. Marie-Noëlle Avettand-Fenoel, Catherine Cordier-Robert, Gildas Guillemot, Frank Goodwin, Jacques Foct
    Pages 211-218
  21. J. A. L. Lodya, H. Gericke, J. Ngubane, T. H. Dlamini
    Pages 219-224
  22. Marcel Miglierini, Adriana Lančok, Martin Kusý
    Pages 233-239
  23. G. C. Papaefthymiou, I. Rabias, M. Fardis, E. Devlin, N. Boukos, D. Tsitrouli et al.
    Pages 241-248
  24. Jan Stanek, Piotr Fornal
    Pages 257-267
  25. P. C. Morais, V. K. Garg, A. C. Oliveira, L. B. Silveira, J. G. Santos, M. M. A. Rodrigues et al.
    Pages 269-275
  26. A. A. Kamnev, O. P. Grigoryeva, E. Kuzmann, A. Vértes
    Pages 277-282
  27. Judit Fodor, Ernő Kuzmann, Attila Vértes, Zoltán Homonnay, Zoltán Klencsár, Zoltán May et al.
    Pages 283-290
  28. Angel Bustamante, Francisco Capel, Flora Barba, Pío Callejas, Rivalino Guzmán, Alejandro Trujillo
    Pages 297-301
  29. Zsófia Wáczek, Ernö Kuzmann, Zoltán Homonnay, Torsten Vennemann
    Pages 303-309
  30. M. I. Oshtrakh, V. I. Grokhovsky, N. V. Abramova, V. A. Semionkin, O. B. Milder
    Pages 317-324
  31. Caroline Van Cromphaut, Valdirene G. de Resende, Eddy De Grave, Robert E. Vandenberghe
    Pages 325-330
  32. J. Ladrière, F. Dussart, J. Dabi, O. Haulotte, S. Verhaeghe, J. Regout
    Pages 331-339
  33. R. E. Vandenberghe, V. G. de Resende, E. De Grave
    Pages 341-346
  34. Isabelle S. Muller, Carol Viragh, Hao Gan, Keith S. Matlack, Ian L. Pegg
    Pages 347-354
  35. K. Nomura, C. A. Barrero, K. Kuwano, Y. Yamada, T. Saito, E. Kuzmann
    Pages 355-362
  36. R. Ciprian, M. Carbucicchio, G. Turilli
    Pages 363-370
  37. R. Mantovan, C. Wiemer, A. Lamperti, M. Georgieva, M. Fanciulli, A. Goikhman et al.
    Pages 371-376
  38. S. N. Kane, F. Alves, A. Gupta, P. Gupta, L. K. Varga
    Pages 377-383

About these proceedings


Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ISIAME 2008) held in Budapest, Hungary, 17-22 August 2008

E. Kuzmann and K. Lázár (Eds.)


This book provides an excellent overview on the most recent results on the industrial applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy attained on the fields of nanotechnology, metallurgy, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, applied mineralogy, energy production industry (coal, oil, nuclear, solar, etc.), computer industry, space technology, electronic and magnetic devices technology, ion implantation technology, including topics like characterization of novel construction materials, electronic components and magnetic materials, composite materials, colloids, amorphous and nanophase materials, small particles, coatings, interfaces, thin films and multilayers, catalysis, corrosion, tribology, surface modification, hydrogen storage, ball milling, radiation effects, electrochemistry, batteries, etc. From the various reports a broad overview emerges illustrating that the method can successfully be applied in a wide variety of topics.


Cluster ESR Hyperfine Interactions Mössbauer effect Mössbauer spectroscopy particles quenching spectra

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  • E. Kuzmann
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  • K. Lázár
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  1. 1.Eötvös Loránd UniversityBudapestHungary
  2. 2.Hungarian Academy of SciencesBudapestHungary

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