Encyclopedia of Distances

  • Elena Deza
  • Michel Marie Deza

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About this book


Distance metrics and distances have become an essential tool in many areas of pure and applied Mathematics, and this encyclopedia is the first one to treat the subject in full.

The book appears just as research intensifies into metric spaces and especially, distance design for applications. These distances are particularly crucial, for example, in computational biology, image analysis, speech recognition, and information retrieval.

Here, an assessment of the practical questions arising during selection of a "good'' distance function has been left aside in favor of a comprehensive listing of the main available distances, a useful tool for the distance design community.

This reader-friendly reference offers both independent introductions and definitions, while at the same time making cross-referencing easy through hyperlink-like boldfaced references to original definitions. This high-quality publication is a mix of reference resource and coffee-table book.

A number of fascinating curiosities appear in this ‘Who’s Who' of distances. Besides distances themselves, the authors have collected many distance-related notions and paradigms, giving applied mathematicians in other sectors easy access to those research tools that are arcane for non-specialists. What’s more, they come in ready-to-use fashion. This, as well as the appearance of some distances in different contexts, will be a stimulus to new research.


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