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Tree and Forest Measurement


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About this book


Forests must be measured, if they are to be managed and conserved properly. This book describes the principles of modern forest measurement, whether using simple, hand-held equipment or sophisticated satellite imagery. Written in a straightforward style, it will be understood by everyone who works with forests, from the professional forester to the layperson. It describes how and why forests are measured and the basis of the science behind the measurements taken.


Forstwirtschaft Holzmessung Waldmensuration forest forest measurement forest mensuration forestry tree measurement

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From the reviews of the first edition:

"The author, an Australian forest scientist, portrays today’s knowledge of measuring trees and forests. … The table of contents and an index facilitate orientation … which is completed by a fine collection of references and a glossary of forestry terms. The book is designed to accompany an undergraduate forestry course, to introduce forest mensuration to the lay reader, or to ‘assist scientists from other than forestry disciplines … . The book has its strengths in the balanced and well understandable presentation … ." (Adrian Lanz, Forest Pathology, Vol. 34 (5), 2004)

"This book (157 pages) on tree and forest measurement was written by Phil West, a research scientist who is a specialist on tree and forest growth. … The clearly stated aim was to produce a book which was both accessible to beginners … and also to scientists in other fields of forestry. … Even if this approach is surprising, it is very effective! … In conclusion, this book gives us a better insight … in the field of tree and forest measurement." (Max Bruciamacchie, Annals of Forest Science, Vol. 61 (5), 2004)

"The key issue for foresters in selective cultivation of particular tree species is a thorough study of existing differences between proveniences concerning their hereditary height, habits, physiological – ecological features … . P.W. West’s book discusses the above mentioned issues in a very competent way and they become comprehensible even to an average reader. … P.W. West’s book can be strongly recommended … especially for forestry, ecology and biology students." (Wincenty Wrzesniewski, Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, Vol. 26 (2), 2004)