Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-9
  2. G Houzeaux, M Vazquez, R Grima, H Calmet, J.M Cela
    Pages 19-28
  3. J. Erhel, J.-R. de Dreuzy, A. Beaudoin, E. Bresciani, D Tromeur-Dervout
    Pages 39-48
  4. K.C. Giannakoglou, I.C. Kampolis, P.I.K. Liakopoulos, M.K. Karakasis, D.I. Papadimitriou, T. Zervogiannis et al.
    Pages 49-58
  5. Murat Ilgaz, Ismail H. Tuncer
    Pages 67-74
  6. V. Ü. Ünal, Ü. Gülçat
    Pages 107-114
  7. F.M. Najjar, A. Haselbacher, R. Fiedler, S. Balachandar, R. Moser
    Pages 131-138
  8. S. Chien, G. Makinabakan, A. Ecer, H.U. Akay
    Pages 155-162
  9. Tadashi Watanabe
    Pages 163-170
  10. Shun Takahashi, Takashi Ishida, Kazuhiro Nakahashi
    Pages 195-200
  11. Alexander I. Sukhinov, Valeriy K. Gadelshin, Denis S. Lyubomischenko
    Pages 201-207
  12. Erhan Tarhan, Yüuksel Ortakaya, Emre Gurdamar, Bulent Korkem
    Pages 209-216
  13. Erhan Tarhan, Yüuksel Ortakaya, Emre Gurdamar, Bulent Korkem
    Pages 217-225
  14. Pinar Sahin, Emre Gürdamar, Erhan Tarhan, Yüksel Ortakaya
    Pages 227-235
  15. A. Frullone, P Linel, D Tromeur-Dervout
    Pages 237-244
  16. Aydin Misirlioglu, Ulgen Gulcat
    Pages 261-266
  17. F. X. Trias, A. Gorobets, M. Soria, M. Soria, A. Oliva
    Pages 267-274
  18. R. Borrell, O. Lehmkuhl, M. Soria, A. Oliva
    Pages 283-290
  19. M. Mukinovic, G. Brenner
    Pages 313-320
  20. Paul V. Matyushin, Valentin A. Gushchin
    Pages 321-328
  21. Harald Klimach, Sabine P. Roller, Jens Utzmann, Claus-Dieter Munz
    Pages 339-345
  22. Dmitri K. Zaitsev, Nikolai A. Schur, Evgueni M. Smirnov
    Pages 347-354
  23. B. Hadri, M. Garbey
    Pages 363-370
  24. Boris Chetverushkin, Natalia Churbanova, Anton Malinovskij, Anton Sukhinov, Anton Marina
    Pages 371-378
  25. Gökçe Yildirim, H. Yalim Keleç, Veysi İşler
    Pages 385-392
  26. E. Oktay, O. Merttopcuoglu, H.U. Akay
    Pages 393-400

About these proceedings


At the 19th Annual Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics held in Antalya, Turkey, in May 2007, the most recent developments and implementations of large-scale and grid computing were presented.  This book, comprised of the invited and selected papers of this conference, details those advances, which are of particular interest to CFD and CFD-related communities.  It also offers the results related to applications of various scientific and engineering problems involving flows and flow-related topics.  Intended for CFD researchers and graduate students, this book is a state-of-the-art presentation of the relevant methodology and implementation techniques of large-scale computing.


OpenMP communication computational fluid dynamics convection geometry grid computing large scale and grid computing linear optimization model modeling numerical analysis optimization parallel computing parallel programming porous media

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