Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Non Homogeneous Media

  • Alain Leger
  • Marc Deschamps
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 128)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. G. D. Connolly, M. J. S. Lowe, S. I. Rokhlin, J. A. G. Temple
    Pages 25-38
  3. M. Darmon, N. Leymarie, S. Chatillon, S. Mahaut
    Pages 61-71
  4. A. S. Bonnet-Ben Dhia, B. Goursaud, C. Hazard, A. Prieto
    Pages 73-86
  5. R E Challis, A K Holmes, V Pinfield
    Pages 87-98
  6. C. Licht, F. Lebon, A. Léger
    Pages 99-110
  7. T. Valier-Brasier, C. Potel, M. Bruneau, C. Depollier
    Pages 111-122
  8. V. Baronian, A. S. Bonnet-Ben Dhia, A. Lhémery, E. Lunéville
    Pages 137-147
  9. W. Ke, M. Castaings, C. Bacon
    Pages 195-206
  10. C. Baldassari, H. Barucq, H. Calandra, B. Denel, J. Diaz
    Pages 207-216
  11. Guillaume Huet, Michel Darmon, Alain Lhéemery, Steve Mahaut
    Pages 217-226
  12. M Bavencoffe, A-C Hladky-Hennion, B Morvan, J-L Izbickil
    Pages 227-235
  13. E. Le Clézio, T. Delaunay, M. Lam, G. Feuillard
    Pages 283-292
  14. E. Franceschini, F. T. H. Yu, G. Cloutier
    Pages 293-302
  15. L. Satyanarayan, J. M. Vander Weide, N. F. Declercq, Y. Berthelot
    Pages 329-340
  16. J. Assaad, S. Grondel, F. El Youbi, E. Moulin, C. Delebarre
    Pages 341-353
  17. B. Chapuis, N. Terrien, D. Royer, A. Déom
    Pages 355-363
  18. C. Aristégui, M. Caleap, O. Poncelet, A. L. Shuvalov, Y. C. Angel
    Pages 423-434
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 435-435

About these proceedings


Non Destructive Testing and Non Destructive Evaluation using Ultrasounds covers an important field of applications and requires a wide range of fundamental theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations. In the present volume, the reader will find some relevant research results on wave propagation in complex materials and structures which are concerned with today’s problems on composites, bonding, guided waves, contact or damage, imaging and structural noise. The fifth meeting of the Anglo-French Research Group on "Wave propagation in non homogeneous media with a view to Non Destructive Testing", where all these results were presented, was held in Anglet, France, June 2-6, 2008.


Monitoring Non destructive testing Polymer Ultrasonic wave Ultrasound wave composite material crystal distribution modeling non-destructive testing ultrasonic testing ultrasound

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  • Alain Leger
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  • Marc Deschamps
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  1. 1.CNRS Labo. Mécanique et d’AcoustiqueMarseille CX 20France
  2. 2.Université Bordeaux 1, Lab. de Mécanique PhysiqueTalence cedexFrance

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