Bacterial Circadian Programs

  • Jayna L. Ditty
  • Shannon R. Mackey
  • Carl H. Johnson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Tan-Chi Huang, Rong-Fong Lin
    Pages 39-61
  3. Tokitaka Oyamaand, Takao Kondo
    Pages 87-101
  4. Ioannis Vakonakis, Andy LiWang
    Pages 103-120
  5. Martin Egli, Phoebe L. Stewart
    Pages 121-140
  6. Shannon R. Mackey, Jayna L. Ditty, Gil Zeidner, You Chen, Susan S. Golden
    Pages 141-156
  7. Rachelle M. Smith, Stanly B. Williams
    Pages 169-182
  8. Tetsuya Mori
    Pages 183-204
  9. Mark A. Woelfle, Carl Hirschie Johnson
    Pages 205-221
  10. Alexander J. Ninfa, Mariette R. Atkinson, Daniel Forger, Stephen Atkins, David Arps, Stephen Selinsky et al.
    Pages 301-329
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 331-333

About this book


Since the discovery of circadian rhythms in cyanobacteria in the late 1980s, the field has exploded with new information. The cyanobacterial model system for studying circadian rhythms, "Synechococcus elongatus", has allowed a detailed genetic dissection of the bacterial clock due to the methods currently available in molecular, structural, and evolutionary biology.

This book addresses multiple aspects of bacterial circadian programs: the history and background of the cyanobacteria and circadian rhythms in microorganisms, the molecular basis, structure, and evolution of the circadian clock, entrainment of the oscillator with the environment and the control of downstream processes by the clock, the demonstration of adaptive significance and the prokaryotic clock’s remarkable stability, and mathematical and synthetic oscillator models for clock function.

Experts in the field provide a timely and comprehensive review and a stepping-stone for future work on this amazing group of microorganisms and timing.


Cyanobakterien circadian clock, molecular structure circadian rhythms circadiane Rhythmen circadiane Uhr, molekulare Struktur cyanobacteria escherichia coli evolution mathematical modelling mathematische Modellierung molecular basis

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