NSTAR 2007

Proceedings of The 11th Workshop on The Physics of Excited Nucleons, 5–8 September 2007, Bonn, Germany

  • Hans-Werner Hammer
  • Vera Kleber
  • Ulrike Thoma
  • Hartmut Schmieden

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XX
  2. Invited Talks

    1. C. Gattringer
      Pages 1-6
    2. V. D. Burkert
      Pages 7-13
    3. H. Schmieden
      Pages 14-19
    4. W. Schroeder
      Pages 20-25
    5. V. Bernard, M. Lage, U. -G. Meißner, A. Rusetsky
      Pages 26-30
    6. D. Richards
      Pages 40-45
    7. B. Metscha
      Pages 46-51
    8. Weiguo Li
      Pages 59-64
    9. H. Shimizu, F. Miyahara, T. Nakabayashi, H. Fukasawa, R. Hashimoto, T. Ishikawa et al.
      Pages 65-69
    10. A. Sibirtsev
      Pages 70-75
    11. V. I. Mokeev, V. D. Burkert, L. Elouadrhiri, G. V. Fedotov, E. N. Golovach, E. L. Isupov et al.
      Pages 76-80
    12. A. Ramos, V. K. Magas, T. Mizutani, E. Oset, L. Tolós
      Pages 81-86
    13. V. Shklyar, H. Lenske, U. Mosel
      Pages 87-92
    14. D. Pirjol, C. Schat
      Pages 93-98
    15. A. Thomas
      Pages 99-103
    16. E. Oset, L. S. Geng, M. Döring
      Pages 104-108
    17. R. Arndt, W. Briscoe, I. Strakovsky, R. Workman
      Pages 109-114
    18. S. S. Kamalov, D. Drechsel, L. Tiator, S. N. Yang
      Pages 115-120
    19. M. Bellis, Z. Krahn, M. McCracken, C. Meyer, M. Williams
      Pages 127-132
    20. B. Borasoy
      Pages 133-136
    21. K. -Th. Brinkmann
      Pages 152-156
    22. T. -S. H. Lee
      Pages 157-161
  3. Contributed Talks

    1. J. He, B. Saghai, Z. Li, Q. Zhao, J. Durand
      Pages 162-165
    2. V. Kuznetsov, M.V. Polyakov, T. Boiko, J. Jang, A. Kim, W. Kim et al.
      Pages 176-178
    3. L. V. Fil’kova, V. L. Kashevarov
      Pages 179-181
    4. A. Martínez Torres, K. P. Khemchandani, E. Oset
      Pages 182-184
    5. Ki-Seok Choi, Seung-il Nam, Atsushi Hosaka, Hyun-Chul Kim
      Pages 185-187
    6. S. Krewald, C. Hanhart, J. Haidenbauer, A. Sibirtsev, F. Huang, U. -G. Meißner
      Pages 188-189
    7. The CBELSA/TAPS Collaboration, E. Gutz, V. Sokhoyan, H. van Pee, A. V. Anisovich, J. C. S. Bacelar et al.
      Pages 190-192
    8. A. J. Buchmann, E. M. Henley
      Pages 193-195
    9. M. Döring, E. Oset, S. Sarkar
      Pages 199-201
    10. P. Moskal, R. Czyżykiewicz, H. -H. Adam, A. Budzanowski, E. Czerwiński, D. Gil et al.
      Pages 202-204
    11. D. E. Bayadilov, Yu. A. Beloglazov, A. B. Gridnev, N. G. Kozlenko, S. P. Kruglov, A. A. Kulbardis et al.
      Pages 208-211
    12. T. Van Cauteren, J. Ryckebusch, A. Van Dyck, S. Kreuzer, B. Metsch, H.-R. Petry
      Pages 212-214
    13. P. N. Shen, F. K. Guo, H. C. Chiang, B. S. Zou, R. G. Ping, Q. Zhao
      Pages 215-218
    14. R. Czyżykiewicz, P. Moskal, H.-H. Adam, A. Budzanowski, E. Czerwiński, D. Gil et al.
      Pages 219-221
    15. T. Melde, W. Plessas
      Pages 225-227

About these proceedings


c Societ` a Italiana di Fisica / Springer-Verlag 2008 The 11th Workshop on The Physics of Excited Nucleons, NSTAR 2007, was held at the University of Bonn, Germany,fromSeptember5–8,2007.ItwasthelatestofaseriesofsuccessfulconferencesattheRensselaerPolytechnic Institute (1988), Florida State University (1994 and 2005), Je?erson Lab (1995 and 2000), INT Seattle (1996), GWU ? Washington (1997), ECT Trento (1998), Mainz (2001), Pittsburgh (2002) and the LPSC Grenoble (2004). A Baryon Resonance Analysis Group (BRAG) meeting immediately before the workshop focused especially on the physical meaning of bare and dressed scattering matrix singularities. A focus workshop on? photoproduction rounded o? the NSTAR 2007. The goal of NSTAR 2007 was to bring together experts on all areas of physics relevant to baryon spectroscopy, both in experiment and theory. Latest results were presented in 30 plenary talks and 34 parallel contributions, the proceedings of which are collected in this volume. The workshop was attended by 123 scientists of 41 universities and laboratories from 16 countries. Exciting new high-precision data were shown from facilities in Asia, the US and Europe, e.g. BES, BNL, COSY, ELSA, GRAAL, JLab, MAMI and LEPS. Large-acceptance detectors provide complete angular distributions in many reaction channels. Particular emphasis is put on the measurement of single and double polarisation observables such that many new polarization measurements can be expected in forthcoming meetings.


Baryon Resonances Excited Nuclear States Meson Production Non-Perturbative QCD collision hadron molecule quenching scattering

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  • Hans-Werner Hammer
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  • Vera Kleber
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  • Ulrike Thoma
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  • Hartmut Schmieden
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  1. 1.HISKPUniversität BonnBonnGermany
  2. 2.Physikalisches InstitutUniversität BonnBonnGermany

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