The Water of the Jordan Valley

Scarcity and Deterioration of Groundwater and its Impact on the Regional Development

  • Heinz Hötzl
  • Peter Möller
  • Eliahu Rosenthal

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. H. Hötzl, A. Flexer, M. Haddad, E. Salameh
    Pages 1-2
  3. A. Flexer, J. Guttman, M. Haddad, H. Hötzl, E. Rosenthal
    Pages 3-14
  4. A. Flexer, A. Yellin-Dror
    Pages 15-54
  5. Joseph Guttman
    Pages 55-74
  6. E. Rosenthal, A. Flexer, P. Möller
    Pages 75-82
  7. P. Möller, E. Rosenthal
    Pages 83-122
  8. P. Möller, E. Rosenthal, P. Dulski, S. Geyer
    Pages 123-148
  9. Y. Anker, H. Shulman, J. Guttman, A. Yellin-Dror, A. Flexer
    Pages 181-198
  10. J. Guttman, Y. Anker, A. Flexer, E. Salameh, H. Shulman
    Pages 199-218
  11. C. Siebert, S. Geyer, P. Möller, E. Rosenthal, D. Berger, J. Guttman
    Pages 219-246
  12. M. Toll, C. Messerschmid, J. Wolfer, H. Hötzl, W. Ali, M. Sauter
    Pages 265-286
  13. A. Yellin-Dror, J. Guttman, A. Flexer, H. Hötzl, W. Ali, J. Bensabat
    Pages 287-312
  14. M. Beinhorn, J. Guttman, O. Kolditz
    Pages 313-324
  15. S. Khayat, M. Ghanem, A. Tamimi, M. Haddad, S. Geyer, H. Hötzl et al.
    Pages 325-348
  16. C. Chen, S. Khayat, S. Geyer, W. Ali, H. Hötzl, O. Kolditz
    Pages 349-360
  17. A. Sawarieh, H. Hötzl, E. Salameh
    Pages 361-370
  18. A. Sawarieh, C. Chen, M. Beinhorn, J. Gronewold, O. Kolditz, W. Ali et al.
    Pages 371-384
  19. W. Ali, J. Glaser, H. Hötzl, S. Lenz, E. Salameh, M. Thiel et al.
    Pages 385-412
  20. Marwan Haddad
    Pages 465-472
  21. J. Guttman, E. Salameh, E. Rosenthal, AR. Tamimi, A. Flexer
    Pages 473-480
  22. H. Hötzl, J. Guttman, E. Salameh, AR. Tamimi
    Pages 481-504
  23. Marwan Haddad
    Pages 505-510
  24. A. Flexer, J. Guttman, H. Hötzl, P. Möller, E. Rosenthal, E. Salameh et al.
    Pages 511-520
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 521-531

About this book


Natural saline water, waste water, and irrigation return flow endanger the groundwater aquifers in the Rift. In the long run this will ruin the socio-economic backbone of the settlements in the area. Sustainability of the water resources will only be achieved when the process of water replenishment and its underground flow is understood and water extraction is regionally controlled. Rare earth element and spider patterns are presented as new tools for studying the hydrology. Progress in 3-D modelling of groundwater flow proved successfully the impact of pumping on the surroundings of wells and overexploitation of aquifers.


3D Groundwater Flow Modelling GIS Geology Hydrochemistry environment groundwater hydrogeology hydrology policy sustainability transport water management

Editors and affiliations

  • Heinz Hötzl
    • 1
  • Peter Möller
    • 2
  • Eliahu Rosenthal
    • 3
  1. 1.Inst. Angew. GeologieUniversität Karlsruhe76131 KarlsruheGermany
  2. 2.Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrumHelmholtz-Zentrum PotsdamTelegrafenbergGermany
  3. 3.Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael

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