Nanotribology and Nanomechanics

An Introduction

  • Bharat Bhushan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXIV
  2. Introduction – Measurement Techniques and Applications

  3. Scanning Probe Microscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Jason H. Hafner
      Pages 111-133
    3. Franz J. Giessibl, Yasuhiro Sugawara, Seizo Morita, Hirotaka Hosoi, Kazuhisa Sueoka, Koichi Mukasa et al.
      Pages 135-177
    4. Markus Morgenstern, Udo D. Schwarz, Alexander Schwarz
      Pages 179-234
    5. Andre Schirmeisen, Boris Anczykowski, Harald Fuchs
      Pages 235-277
  4. Nanotribology and Nanomechanics: Fundamental Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 309-309
    2. Marina Ruths, Jacob N. Israelachvili
      Pages 417-515
    3. Y. Elaine Zhu, Ashis Mukhopadhyay, Steve Granick
      Pages 517-556
    4. Enrico Gnecco, Roland Bennewitz, Oliver Pfeiffer, Anisoara Socoliuc, Ernst Meyer
      Pages 557-605
    5. Susan B. Sinnott, Seong-Jun Heo, Donald W. Brenner, Judith A. Harrison
      Pages 655-740
    6. Bharat Bhushan
      Pages 741-789
    7. Bharat Bhushan, Michael Nosonovsky
      Pages 791-840
  5. Molecularly-Thick Films for Lubrication

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 841-841
    2. Bharat Bhushan, Huiwen Liu
      Pages 959-991
  6. Biomimetics

  7. Applications

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 1487-1516

About this book


This volume serves as a timely, practical introduction to the principles of nanotribology and nanomechanics and applications to magnetic storage systems, MEMS/NEMS and BioMEMS/bioNEMS. Assuming some familiarity with macrotribology/mechanics, the book comprises chapters by internationally recognized experts, who integrate knowledge of the field from the mechanics and materials-science perspectives. They cover key measurement techniques, their applications, and theoretical modelling of interfaces, each beginning their contributions with macro- and progressing to microconcepts. After reviewing the fundamental experimental and theoretical aspects in the first part, Nanotribology and Nanomechanics then treats applications.

Three groups of readers are likely to find this text valuable: graduate students, research workers, and practicing engineers. It can serve as the basis for a comprehensive, one- or two-semester course in scanning probe microscopy; applied scanning probe techniques; or nanotribology/nanomechanics/nanotechnology, in departments such as mechanical engineering, materials science, and applied physics.

This second, revised edition is substantially enlarged by three new chapters: One new chapter introduces to the theory, physics and characterization of the Lotus-Effect. Other new chapters discuss the attaching properties of hairs as realized at gecko feet and present a comprehensive review of structural, mechanical, and tribological properties of various hair and skin as a function of ethnicity, damage, conditioning treatment, and various environments.

With a Foreword by Physics Nobel Laureate Gerd Binnig

Dr. Bharat Bhushan is an Ohio Eminent Scholar and The Howard D. Winbigler Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Research Faculty Advisor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Director of the Nanotribology Laboratory for Information Storage & MEMS/NEMS (NLIM) at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. He is an internationally recognized expert of tribology and mechanics on the macro- to nanoscales, and is one of the most prolific authors. He is considered by some a pioneer of the tribology and mechanics of magnetic storage devices and a leading researcher in the fields of nanotribology and nanomechanics using scanning probe microscopy and applications to micro/nanotechnology.

He is the recipient of various international fellowships including the Alexander von Humboldt Research Prize for Senior Scientists, Max Planck Foundation Research Award for Outstanding Foreign Scientists, and the Fulbright Senior Scholar Award.


Adhesion, Friction, and Wear BioMEMS/NEMS Lubrication Magnetic Storage Devices Nanomechanics Nanotribology Rhe Scanning Probe Microscopies nanotechnology

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  • Bharat Bhushan
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  1. 1.Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics (NLB2)Ohio State UniversityColumbusUSA

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