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Cryptology and Network Security

6th International Conference, CANS 2007, Singapore, December 8-10, 2007. Proceedings

  • Editors
  • Feng Bao
  • San Ling
  • Tatsuaki Okamoto
  • Huaxiong Wang
  • Chaoping Xing
Conference proceedings CANS 2007

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4856)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Signatures

    1. Xinyi Huang, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, Wei Wu
      Pages 15-33
    2. Loránd Szőllősi, Tamás Marosits, Gábor Fehér, András Recski
      Pages 34-46
    3. Raylin Tso, Chunxiang Gu, Takeshi Okamoto, Eiji Okamoto
      Pages 47-59
  3. Network Security

    1. Rungrat Wiangsripanawan, Willy Susilo, Rei Safavi-Naini
      Pages 60-79
    2. Arpita Patra, Bhavani Shankar, Ashish Choudhary, K. Srinathan, C. Pandu Rangan
      Pages 80-101
    3. Marek Klonowski, Mirosław Kutyłowski, Michał Ren, Katarzyna Rybarczyk
      Pages 102-120
    4. Bing Yang, Huaping Hu, Xiangwen Duan, Shiyao Jin
      Pages 133-145
  4. Secure Keyword Search and Private Information Retrieval

  5. Public Key Encryption

    1. Yinxia Sun, Futai Zhang, Joonsang Baek
      Pages 194-208
  6. Intrusion Detection

  7. Email Security

    1. Erhan J. Kartaltepe, T. Paul Parker, Shouhuai Xu
      Pages 228-246
  8. Denial of Service Attacks

    1. Suratose Tritilanunt, Colin Boyd, Ernest Foo, Juan Manuel González Nieto
      Pages 247-264
  9. Authentication

    1. Vicente Benjumea, Seung Geol Choi, Javier Lopez, Moti Yung
      Pages 265-281
  10. Back Matter

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DoS attacks Information Oracle algorithms anonymity authentication cryptographic protocols encryption micropayments modeling networks peer-to-peer privacy provable security security

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