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  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. P.P. Eggleton, L. Kisseleva-Eggleton
    Pages 1-10
  3. Seppo Mikkola
    Pages 11-20
  4. R. Zhuchkov, V. Orlov, A. Rubinov
    Pages 21-30
  5. V. Orlov, A. Tokovinin, O. Kiyaeva, M. Sterzik, A. Rubinov, R. Zhuchkov
    Pages 31-35
  6. H. Hensberge, L.P.R. Vaz, K.B.V. Torres, T. Armond
    Pages 47-52
  7. K. Uytterhoeven, P. Koubský, P. Harmanec, J.H. Telting, S. Yang, M.T. Richards et al.
    Pages 53-58
  8. P. Lampens, Y. Frémat, H. Hensberge, V. Tamazian, J.A. Docobo, Y. Balega
    Pages 59-65
  9. Pavel Koubský, Simone Daflon, Petr Hadrava, Katia Cunha, Jiří Kubát, Dana Korčáková et al.
    Pages 67-70
  10. V.S. Tamazian, J.A. Docobo, Y.Y. Balega
    Pages 71-74
  11. Simon F. Portegies Zwart
    Pages 75-86
  12. Eduardo J. Delgado-Donate, Cathie J. Clarke
    Pages 87-99
  13. Christian A. Hummel
    Pages 107-112
  14. I.I. Balega, Y.Y. Balega, K.-H. Hofmann, E.V. Malogolovets, D. Schertl, Z.U. Shkhagosheva et al.
    Pages 114-118
  15. A. Kellerer, M.G. Petr-Gotzens, P. Kervella, V. Coud’e du Foresto
    Pages 119-123
  16. E.V. Malogolovets, Y.Y. Balega, K.-H. Hofmann, D. A. Rastegaev, G. Weigelt
    Pages 125-128
  17. A. Tokovinin, S. Thomas, M. Sterzik, S. Udry
    Pages 129-135
  18. Brian D. Mason, William I. Hartkopf
    Pages 141-153
  19. Swetlana Hubrig, Nancy Ageorges, Markus Schöller
    Pages 155-161
  20. T. Pribulla, S.M. Rucinski
    Pages 163-168
  21. A. Eggenberger, S. Udry, M. Mayor, G. Chauvin, B. Markus, J.-L. Beuzit et al.
    Pages 169-182
  22. Silvano Desidera, Raffaele Gratton, Riccardo Claudi, Mauro Barbieri, Giovanni Bonannno, Mariangela Bonavita et al.
    Pages 193-198
  23. H. Bouy, E.L. Martín, W. Brandner, J. Bouvier
    Pages 199-209
  24. S. Correia, H. Zinnecker, Th. Ratzka, M.F. Sterzik
    Pages 232-238
  25. Tomoyuki Hanawa, Yasuhiro Ochi, Koichi Ando
    Pages 239-244
  26. Hans Zinnecker
    Pages 265-280
  27. Monika G. Petr-Gotzens, Maria Massi
    Pages 281-288
  28. Thijs Kouwenhoven
    Pages 289-294
  29. N. Huélamo, G. Chauvin, C. Foellmi, M. Hartung, X. Haubois, V. Ivanov et al.
    Pages 295-298
  30. B. Stelzer, G. Micela, N. Huélamo, M. Hünsch
    Pages 299-303

About these proceedings


Stars show a marked tendency to be in systems of different multiplicity, ranging from simple binaries and triples to globular clusters with several 10,000's of stars. The formation and evolution of multiple systems remains a challenging part of astrophysics, and the contributions in this book report on the significant progress that had been made in this research field in the last years. The reader will find a variety of research topics addressed, such as the dynamical evolution in multiple stars, the effects of the environment on multiple system parameters, stellar evolution within multiple stars, multiplicity of massive stars, pre-main sequence and intermediate mass stars, multiplicity of low-mass stars from embedded protostars to open clusters, and brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets in multiples. This book  presents the proceedings of the ESO Workshop on Multiple Stars across the H-R Diagram held in the summer of 2005.


Accretion Binary Stars Exoplanets Globular Clusters Interferometry Multiple Stars Spectroscopy Star Stellar Clusters stellar

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  • Swetlana Hubrig
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  1. 1.European Southern Observatory3107 Alonso de CordovaChile
  2. 2.European Southern Observatory2 Karl-Schwar schild-StrGermany
  3. 3.Inter-American ObservatoryCerro Tololo (CTIO)Chile

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