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Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection

10th International Symposium, RAID 2007, Gold Goast, Australia, September 5-7, 2007. Proceedings

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  • Christopher Kruegel
  • Richard Lippmann
  • Andrew Clark
Conference proceedings RAID 2007

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4637)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Host-Based Intrusion Detection

    1. Darren Mutz, William Robertson, Giovanni Vigna, Richard Kemmerer
      Pages 1-20
    2. Monirul Sharif, Kapil Singh, Jonathon Giffin, Wenke Lee
      Pages 21-41
  3. Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection

    1. Kenneth L. Ingham, Hajime Inoue
      Pages 42-62
    2. Marco Cova, Davide Balzarotti, Viktoria Felmetsger, Giovanni Vigna
      Pages 63-86
  4. Network-Based Intrusion Detection and Response

    1. Michalis Polychronakis, Kostas G. Anagnostakis, Evangelos P. Markatos
      Pages 87-106
    2. Matthias Vallentin, Robin Sommer, Jason Lee, Craig Leres, Vern Paxson, Brian Tierney
      Pages 107-126
    3. Shiau-Huey Wang, Chinyang Henry Tseng, Karl Levitt, Matthew Bishop
      Pages 127-145
  5. Insider Detection and Alert Correlation

    1. Marcus A. Maloof, Gregory D. Stephens
      Pages 146-166
  6. Malicious Code Analysis

    1. Michael Bailey, Jon Oberheide, Jon Andersen, Z. Morley Mao, Farnam Jahanian, Jose Nazario
      Pages 178-197
    2. Jeffrey Wilhelm, Tzi-cker Chiueh
      Pages 219-235
  7. Evasion

    1. Simon P. Chung, Aloysius K. Mok
      Pages 236-255
    2. Adam D. Todd, Richard A. Raines, Rusty O. Baldwin, Barry E. Mullins, Steven K. Rogers
      Pages 256-275
  8. Malicious Code Defense

    1. Zhuowei Li, XiaoFeng Wang, Jong Youl Choi
      Pages 296-316
    2. John R. Lange, Peter A. Dinda, Fabián E. Bustamante
      Pages 317-336
  9. Back Matter

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