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The Power of Optical/IR Interferometry: Recent Scientific Results and 2nd Generation Instrumentation

Proceedings of the ESO Workshop held in Garching, Germany, 4-8 April 2005

  • A. Richichi
  • F. Delplancke
  • F. Paresce
  • A. Chelli
Conference proceedings

Part of the Eso Astrophysics Symposia book series (ESO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVIII
  2. The Power of Optical/IR Interferometry

  3. Science: Stars — stellar diameters, limb darkening, flattening, surface structures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. D. M. Peterson, C. A. Hummel, T. A. Pauls, J. T. Armstrong, J. A. Benson, C. G. Gilbreath et al.
      Pages 43-54
    3. M. Wittkowski, D. A. Boboltz, T. Driebe, K. Ohnaka
      Pages 61-70
    4. J. P. Aufdenberg, H.-G. Ludwig, P. Kervella, A. Mérand, S. T. Ridgway, V. Coudé du Foresto et al.
      Pages 71-82
    5. P. Kervella, N. Nardetto, D. Bersier, D. Mourard, P. Fouqué, V. Coudé du Foresto
      Pages 83-94
    6. D. Fedele, M. Wittkowski, F. Paresce, M. Scholz, P.R. Wood, S. Ciroi
      Pages 95-98
    7. Antoine Méerand, Pierre Kervella, Vincent Coudé du Foresto, Stephen T. Ridgway, Jason Aufdenberg, Theo ten Brummelaar et al.
      Pages 99-103
    8. J. Davis , M. J. Ireland, A. P. Jacob, J. R. North, S. M. Owens, J. G. Robertson et al.
      Pages 105-109
    9. K. Ohnaka, J. Bergeat, T. Driebe, U. Graser, K.-H. Hofmann, R. Köhler et al.
      Pages 111-115
  4. Science: Stars — circumstellar matter, IR objects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 117-117
    2. O. Chesneau, R. van Boekel, T. Herbst, P. Kervella, M. Min, L.B.F.M. Waters et al.
      Pages 131-141

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Long-baseline interferometry has been traditionally regarded as a very technical method with a limited number of applications. At the turn of the millennium, with the introduction of large community-oriented facilities such as the VLTI, we are seeing a transformation into a major astronomical technique, with a corresponding dramatic increase in the number of publications. This book marks this transition, by providing a wide and deep insight into a large number of diverse and compelling results recently obtained by long-baseline interferometers. It also provides an insight into concepts which form the basis of future instruments and further developments in this technique.


AGN Astrometry Exoplanets Interferometer Stars Tracking VLTI interferometry

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  • F. Delplancke
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  • F. Paresce
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  • A. Chelli
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