Genome Mapping and Genomics in Fishes and Aquatic Animals

  • Thomas Kocher
  • Chittaranjan Kole

Part of the Genome Mapping Genomics Animals book series (MAPPANIMAL, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXIII
  2. Cristian Araneda, Roberto Neira, Natalia Lam, Patricia Iturra
    Pages 1-43
  3. Laszlo Orban, Qingjiang Wu
    Pages 45-83
  4. Zhanjiang Liu
    Pages 85-100
  5. Avner Cnaani, Gideon Hulata
    Pages 101-116
  6. F.A.M. Volckaert, C. Batargias, A. Canario, D. Chatziplis, D. Chistiakov, C. Haley et al.
    Pages 117-133
  7. C. C. Sánchez, K. Kobayashi, M.R.M. Coimbra, K. Fuji, T. Sakamoto, N. Okamoto
    Pages 135-148
  8. Arun K. Dhar, Betsy Read, Robert A. Bullis
    Pages 149-162
  9. Ximing Guo, Yongping Wang, Lingling Wang, Jeong-Ho Lee
    Pages 163-175
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 177-180

About this book


Mapping of animal genomes has generated huge databases and several new concepts and strategies, which are useful to elucidate origin, evolution and phylogeny. Genetic and physical maps of genomes further provide precise details on chromosomal location, function, expression and regulation of academically and economically important genes. The series Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals provides comprehensive and up-to-date reviews on genomic research on a large variety of selected animal systems, contributed by leading scientists from around the world.

This volume summarizes the first era of genomic studies of aquaculture species, in which the tools and resources necessary to support whole-genome sequencing were developed. These tools will enhance efforts toward selective breeding of aquaculture species. Included in this volume are summaries of work on salmonids, cyprinids, catfish, tilapias, European sea bass, Japanese flounder, shrimps and oysters.


Carp Catfish Chromosom Expression Flounder Oyster Salmon Shrimps aquaculture chromosome evolution genes genome genome mapping phylogeny

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