Hearing – From Sensory Processing to Perception

  • Birger Kollmeier
  • Georg Klump
  • Volker Hohmann
  • Ulrike Langemann
  • Manfred Mauermann
  • Stefan Uppenkamp
  • Jesko Verhey
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Cochlea/Peripheral Processing

  3. Pitch

    1. Ray Meddis, Lowel O'mard
      Pages 71-81
    2. Deb Hall, Christopher Plack
      Pages 83-93
    3. Roy D. Patterson, Alexander Gutschalk, Annemarie Seither-Preisler, Katrin Krumbholz
      Pages 95-105
  4. Modulation

  5. Animal Communication

    1. Peter M. Narins, Albert S. Feng, Jun-Xian Shen
      Pages 185-190
    2. Steffen R. Hage, Uwe Jürgens, Günter Ehret
      Pages 191-197
    3. Marina Egorova, Inna Vartanyan, Guenter Ehret
      Pages 199-205
    4. Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham, Virginia Best, Micheal L. Dent, Frederick J. Gallun, Elizabeth M. Mcclaine, Rajiv Narayan et al.
      Pages 207-214
  6. Intensity Representation

    1. Bernd Lütkenhöner, Jan-Stefan Klein, Annemarie Seither-Preisler
      Pages 215-225
    2. Dave Langers, Walter Backes, Pim Van Dijk
      Pages 227-235
  7. Scene Analysis

    1. Mounya Elhilali, Shihab Shamma
      Pages 247-256
    2. Pingbo Yin, Ling Ma, Mounya Elhilali, Jonathan Fritz, Shihab Shamma
      Pages 257-265
    3. Christophe Micheyl, Shihab A. Shamma, Andrew J. Oxenham
      Pages 267-274
    4. Makio Kashino, Minae Okada, Shin Mizutani, Peter Davis, Hirohito M. Kondo
      Pages 275-283
    5. Minoru Tsuzaki, Chihiro Takeshima, Toshio Irino, Roy D. Patterson
      Pages 285-294
    6. Nicolas Grimault, Stephen Mcadams, Jont B. Allen
      Pages 295-302
    7. Stanley Sheft, William A. Yost
      Pages 303-311
    8. Laurent Demany, Christophe Ramos
      Pages 313-321
    9. Maria Chait, David Poeppel, Jonathan Z. Simon
      Pages 323-331
    10. Brian Roberts, Stephen D. Holmes, Stefan Bleeck, Ian M. Winter
      Pages 333-341
    11. Tom Goossens, Steven Van De Par, Armin Kohlrausch
      Pages 343-351
    12. Christian Kaernbach, Kathrin Schlemmer, Christina Öffl, Sandra Zach
      Pages 353-357
  8. Binaural Hearing

    1. John F. Culling, Barrie A. Edmonds
      Pages 359-368
    2. David Mcalpine, Sarah Thompson, Katharina Von Kriegstein, Torsten Marquardt, Timothy Griffiths, Adenike Deane-Pratt
      Pages 399-406
    3. Torsten Marquardt, David Mcalpine
      Pages 407-416
    4. Catherine Carr, Christine Köppl
      Pages 417-424
    5. G. Bruce Henning, Ifat Yasin, Caroline Witton
      Pages 457-466

About these proceedings


Hearing – From Sensory Processing to Perception presents the papers of the latest “International Symposium on Hearing”, a meeting held every three years focusing on psychoacoustics and the research of the physiological mechanisms underlying auditory perception. The proceedings provide an up-to-date report on the status of the field of research into hearing and auditory functions.

The 59 chapters treat topics such as: the physiological representation of temporal and spectral stimulus properties as a basis for the perception of modulation patterns, pitch and signal intensity; spatial hearing and the physiological mechanisms of binaural processing in mammals; integration of the different stimulus features into auditory scene analysis; physiological mechanisms related to the formation of auditory objects; speech perception; and limitations of auditory perception resulting from hearing disorders.


Cortex animal communication auditory functions binaural processing imaging neurons perception physiology psychoacoustics ultrasound

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