• Sajeesh Kumar
  • Jacques Marescaux

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXIII
  2. Sajeesh Kumar
    Pages 1-8
  3. Jacques Marescaux, Francesco Rubino, Luc Soler
    Pages 9-19
  4. Yazan F. Rawashdeh, Henning Olsen
    Pages 21-32
  5. Amy Lin, Ana Luisa Trejos, Rajni V. Patel, Richard A. Malthaner
    Pages 33-52
  6. Yoav Mintz, Santiago Horgan
    Pages 53-65
  7. Jens Rassweiler, Ali S. Goezen, Walter Scheitlin, Dogu Teber, Thomas Frede
    Pages 67-89
  8. J.J. Banihachemi, E. Boidard, J.L. Bosson, L. Bressollette, I. Bricault, P. Cinquin et al.
    Pages 91-99
  9. Kenta Hori
    Pages 101-111
  10. Mahdi Tavakoli, Rajni V. Patel
    Pages 113-124
  11. Angelo Tsirbas, C.W. Mango, J.P. Hubschman
    Pages 125-139
  12. Brandon Spencer
    Pages 141-151
  13. Anjali Mishra, Saroj Kanta Mishra, P.V. Pradeep
    Pages 153-159
  14. L. Wiley Nifong, Evelio Rodriguez, W. Randolph Chitwood
    Pages 161-170
  15. Neera Bhatia
    Pages 171-177
  16. Sajeesh Kumar
    Pages 179-184
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 185-190

About this book


Written by renowned experts from Australia, Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe, Telesurgery explains technical issues, digital information processing, and provides collective experiences from practitioners in different parts of the world who perform a wide range of telesurgery applications. This includes transatlantic telesurgery and telesurgery for urology, brachytherapy, Heller myotomy, etc. There are numerous graphics and clinical photographs throughout, which illustrate and illuminate the text well, providing high-quality visual reference material.
Telesurgery lays the foundation for the globalization of surgical procedures, making possible the ability of a surgeon located in one part of the world to operate on a patient located in another.


Remote Robotic Simulator Telemedicine cancer information processing lung medicine minimally invasive surgery surgery

Editors and affiliations

  • Sajeesh Kumar
    • 1
  • Jacques Marescaux
    • 2
  1. 1.Lions Eye Institute, Centre of Excellence in e-MedicineUniversity of Western AustraliaNedlandsAustralia
  2. 2.IRCAD/EITS (European Institute for Telesurgery)StrasbourgFrance

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