Chromosomal Alterations

Methods, Results and Importance in Human Health

  • Günter Obe
  • Vijayalaxmi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Heidemarie Neitzel, Marc Trimborn
    Pages 1-20
  3. Clemens von Sonntag
    Pages 21-38
  4. Jürgen Kiefer
    Pages 39-53
  5. George Iliakis, Wenqi Wu, Minli Wang, Georgia I. Terzoudi, Gabriel E. Pantelias
    Pages 67-85
  6. Markus Christmann, Wynand P. Roos, Bernd Kaina
    Pages 99-121
  7. Wolfgang-Ulrich Müller
    Pages 161-176
  8. Peter E Bryant
    Pages 177-199
  9. Gregor Kreth, Christoph Cremer
    Pages 201-209
  10. Wilner Martínez-López, María Vittoria Di Tomaso, Leticia Méndez-Acuña, María Mühlmann
    Pages 211-224
  11. Máximo E. Drets, Federico F. Santiñaque
    Pages 225-240
  12. Makoto Hayashi
    Pages 257-270
  13. Andrzej Wojcik, Günter Obe
    Pages 271-283
  14. Ilse Chudoba
    Pages 285-299
  15. Ursula von Recklinghausen, Christian Johannes, Lothar Riedel, Günter Obe
    Pages 315-324
  16. Radim J. Sram, Pavel Rössner
    Pages 325-340
  17. Günter Stephan, Ursula Oestreicher, Horst Romm
    Pages 341-350
  18. Marta Szłuińska, Alan A. Edwards, David C. Lloyd
    Pages 351-370
  19. Alan A. Edwards, David C. Lloyd, Marta Szłuińska
    Pages 371-380
  20. Kerry George, Marco Durante
    Pages 381-396
  21. James P. Mcnamee, Pascale V. Bellier
    Pages 427-469
  22. Maria Rosaria Scarfì, Ferdinando Bersani
    Pages 471-478
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 505-515

About this book


Cytogenetics is a very important research tool in basic and applied research. The uses of cytogenetics in human-population monitoring, in biological dosimetry in radiation accidents and in astronauts and as a predictive measure of cancer are topics discussed in this book. The book will help the reader to better understand cytogenetics and the intricacies of the methodology. The different methods of fluorescence in situ hybridization are discussed and the results achieved are presented. The book provides a comprehensive review of basic and applied aspects of cytogenetics and therefore will be of interest to all who are interested in chromosomes and their alterations by different types of mutagens, including chemical mutagens and ionizing and nonionizing radiation, with special reference to electromagnetic fields.


Aberrationen, chromosomal DNA FISH Komet Assay Mikrokerne Schwesternchromatidenaustausch Telomere Vivo aberrations, chromosomal classification comet assay hybridization micronuclei sister chromatid exchange

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  • Günter Obe
    • 1
  • Vijayalaxmi
    • 2
  1. 1.TeltowGermany
  2. 2.Department of Radiation OncologyThe University of Texas, Health Science CenterSan AntonioUSA

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