Microbial Siderophores

  • Ajit Varma
  • Sudhir B. Chincholkar

Part of the Soil Biology book series (SOILBIOL, volume 12)

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  2. Aparajita Das, Ram Prasad, Abhishek Srivastava, Pham Huong Giang, Kamya Bhatnagar, Ajit Varma
    Pages 1-42
  3. Kurt Haselwandter, Günther Winkelmann
    Pages 91-103
  4. Paolo Visca, Franceso Imperi, Iain L. Lamont
    Pages 135-163
  5. Philippe Lemanceau, Agnès Robin, Sylvie Mazurier, Gérard Vansuyt
    Pages 165-192
  6. Pierre Cornelis, Sandra Matthijs
    Pages 193-203
  7. S. B. Chincholkar, B. L. Chaudhari, M. R. Rane
    Pages 205-217
  8. María Elena, Díaz de Villegas
    Pages 219-231
  9. S. B. Chincholkar, B. L. Chaudhari, M. R. Rane
    Pages 233-242
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    Pages 243-248

About this book


In response to low iron availability in the environment most microorganisms synthesize iron chelators, called siderophores. Bacteria and fungi produce a broad range of structurally diverse siderophores, which all show a very high affinity for ferric ions.

"Microbial Siderophores" presents an up-to-date overview of the chemistry, biology and biotechnology of these iron chelators. Following an introduction to the structure, functions and regulation of fungal siderophores, several chapters focus on siderophores of pseudomonads. Here, the technique of siderotyping, which has proved to be a rapid, accurate and inexpensive tool for pseudomonad characterization and identification, is described. Further, the biological significance of siderophores of symbiotic fungi and the possible role of siderophores in pathogenesis are discussed. In addition to methodological approaches, chapters on the biotechnological production of siderophores and their application in promoting human and plant health are included.


Fungi Pathogen bacteria biotechnology environment microorganism regulation

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