Landslides – Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Kyoji Sassa
  • Paolo Canuti

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVIII
  2. Progress of IPL Activities

  3. Keynote Lectures

  4. Achievements of IPL Projects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. Farrokh Nadim, Oddvar Kjekstad
      Pages 213-221
    3. P. Canuti, Claudio Margottini, N. Casagli, G. Delmonaco, L. Falconi, R. Fanti et al.
      Pages 249-257
    4. Vít Vilímek, Jan Klimeš, Jiří Zvelebil, Fernando V. Astete
      Pages 259-263
    5. Melvyn Best, Peter Bobrowsky, Marten Douma, Victor Carlotto, Walter Pari
      Pages 265-273
  5. Parallel Sessions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 283-283
    2. Technological Development

      1. Nicola Casagli, Veronica Tofani, Robert F. Adler
        Pages 287-319
      2. Javier Hervás, Peter Bobrowsky
        Pages 321-349
      3. Kyoji Sassa, Luciano Picarelli, Yin Yueping
        Pages 351-375
    3. Targeted Landslides: Mechanism and Impacts

      1. Alexander L. Strom
        Pages 379-399
      2. Paolo Canuti, Claudio Margottini, Riccardo Fanti, Edward N. Bromhead
        Pages 401-433
      3. Hideaki Marui, Farrokh Nadim
        Pages 435-450
      4. Jerome V. DeGraff, Hirotaka Ochiai, J.V. DeGraff, H. Ochiai
        Pages 451-471
    4. Capacity Building

      1. Srikantha Herath, Yi Wang
        Pages 475-497
      2. Rajib Shaw, Yukiko Takeuchi, Badaoui Rouhban
        Pages 499-515
      3. Wolfgang Eder, Kaoru Takara, Fawu Wang
        Pages 517-530
      4. Gue See-Sew, Karnawati Dwikorita, Wong Shiao-Yun
        Pages 531-554
    5. Mitigation, Preparedness and Recovery

      1. John J. Clague
        Pages 557-572
      2. Oddvar Kjekstad, Lynn Highland
        Pages 573-587
      3. Marten Geertsema, Lynn Highland, Laura Vaugeouis
        Pages 589-607
      4. Mihail E. Popescu, Katsuo Sasahara
        Pages 609-631
      5. Nicolas Dolidon, Thomas Hofer, Libor Jansky, Roy Sidle
        Pages 633-649

About this book


This book documents the First World Landslide Forum, which was jointly organized by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), eight UN organizations (UNESCO, WMO, FAO, UN/ISDR, UNU, UNEP, World Bank, UNDP) and four NGOs (International Council for Science, World Federation of Engineering Organizations, Kyoto Univ. and Japan Landslide Society) in Tokyo in 2008.

The material consists of four parts: The Open Forum "Progress of IPL Activities; Four Thematic Lectures in the Plenary Symposium "Global Landslide Risk Reduction"; Six Keynote Lectures in the Plenary session; and the aims and overviews of eighteen parallel sessions (dealing with various aspects necessary for landslide disaster risk reduction such as: observations from space; climate change and slope instability; landslides threatening heritage sites; the economic and social impact of landslides; monitoring, prediction and early warning; and risk-management strategies in urban area, etc.)

Thus it enables the reader to benefit from a wide range of research intended to reduce risk due to landslide disasters as presented in the first global multi-disciplinary meeting.


Earthquake First World Landslide Forum Landslides avalanche disaster management disaster risk reduction risk analysis

Editors and affiliations

  • Kyoji Sassa
    • 1
  • Paolo Canuti
    • 2
  1. 1.UNITWIN Headquarter Building Kyoto University Uji Campus Gokasho UjiJapan
  2. 2.Università di Firenze Dipto. Scienze della Terra via GItaly

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