ShockWave Science and Technology Reference Library

  • Yasuyuki Horie

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. David S. Moore, Shawn D. McGrane, David J. Funk
    Pages 47-104
  3. Ralph Menikoff
    Pages 143-188
  4. Ralph Menikoff
    Pages 189-224
  5. David J. Benson
    Pages 275-319
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 357-368

About this book


This book is the first of several volumes on solids in the Shock Wave Science and Technology Reference Library. These volumes are primarily concerned with high-pressure shock waves in solid media, including detonation, high-velocity impact, and penetration. Of the eight chapters in this volume three chapters survey recent, exciting experimental advances in

- ultra-short shock dynamics at the atomic and molecular scale (D.S. More, S.D.   Mcgrane, and D.J. Funk), 

- Z accelerator for ICE and Shock compression (M.D. Knudson), and

- failure waves in glass and ceramics (S.J. Bless and N.S. Brar). 

The subsequent four chapters are foundational, and cover the subjects of  

- equation of state (R. Menikoff),

- elastic-plastic shock waves (R. Menikoff),

- continuum plasticity (R. M. Brannon), and

- numerical methods (D. J. Benson).

The last chapter, but not the least, describes a tour de force illustration of today’s computing power in

- modeling heterogeneous reactive solids at the grain scale (M.R. Baer).

All chapters are each self-contained, and can be read independently of each other, though they are of course thematically interrelated. They offer a timely reference, for beginners, as well as professional scientists and engineers, on the foundations of shock waves in solids with new viewpoints, and on the burgeoning developments.



dynamics equation of state mechanics modeling physics plasticity reactive materials shock compression solids

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