Geometrical Geodesy

Using Information and Computer Technology

  • Maarten Hooijberg

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Geometrical Geodesy is a reference manual written for geodesists and scientists in the field of earth sciences. This book reviews developments in geodesy and hydrography, using a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. The aim is to take stock of the latest fundamental geodetic constants for the 2000s, to focus on dissimilar ellipsoidal areas, distances, and conversion of applications, referenced to an abundant bibliography. It presents a mixture of issues, dealing with reference and time systems, datums, and s-transformations, elucidate multi-dimensional aspects of the information, communication, and computation technology, including the use of parallel computers. Stressing the hands-on methodology, the handbook is of interest to geodetic engineers, consultants, hydrographers, and engineers with an interest in the field of earth sciences.


Conformal projections Fundament Geoids Parallel computers Similarity transformations Zone systems geodesy similarity

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