The Andes

Active Subduction Orogeny

  • Onno Oncken
  • Guillermo Chong
  • Gerhard Franz
  • Peter Giese
  • Hans-Jürgen Götze
  • Victor A. Ramos
  • Manfred R. Strecker
  • Peter Wigger

Part of the Frontiers in Earth Sciences book series (FRONTIERS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXII
  2. The Big Picture

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Onno Oncken, David Hindle, Jonas Kley, Kirsten Elger, Pia Victor, Kerstin Schemmann
      Pages 3-27
    3. Robert B. Trumbull, Ulrich Riller, Onno Oncken, Ekkehard Scheuber, Kerstin Munier, Fernando Hongn
      Pages 29-43
    4. Gerhard Franz, Friedrich Lucassen, Wolfgang Kramer, Robert B. Trumbull, Rolf L. Romer, Hans-Gerhard Wilke et al.
      Pages 45-64
    5. Jürgen Klotz, Amir Abolghasem, Giorgi Khazaradze, Bertram Heinze, Tim Vietor, Ron Hackney et al.
      Pages 65-89
    6. César R. Ranero, Roland von Huene, Wilhelm Weinrebe, Christian Reichert
      Pages 91-121
  3. Elements of the Subduction System

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 123-123
    2. Arne Hoffmann-Rothe, Nina Kukowski, Georg Dresen, Helmut Echtler, Onno Oncken, Jürgen Klotz et al.
      Pages 125-146
    3. Christof Sick, Mi-Kyung Yoon, Klaus Rauch, Stefan Buske, Stefan Lüth, Manuel Araneda et al.
      Pages 147-169
    4. Charlotte M. Krawczyk, James Mechie, Stefan Lüth, Zuzana Tašárová, Peter Wigger, Manfred Stiller et al.
      Pages 171-192
    5. David Völker, Michael Wiedicke, Stefan Ladage, Christoph Gaedicke, Christian Reichert, Klaus Rauch et al.
      Pages 193-216
  4. Tectonics and Surface Processes — Responses to Change

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 263-264
    2. Ricardo N. Alonso, Bodo Bookhagen, Barbara Carrapa, Isabelle Coutand, Michael Haschke, George E. Hilley et al.
      Pages 265-283
    3. Ekkehard Scheuber, Dorothee Mertmann, Harald Ege, Patricio Silva-González, Christoph Heubeck, Klaus-Joachim Reutter et al.
      Pages 285-301
    4. Klaus-J. Reutter, Reynaldo Charrier, Hans-J. Götze, Bernd Schurr, Peter Wigger, Ekkehard Scheuber et al.
      Pages 303-325
    5. Ulrich Riller, Hans-Jürgen Götze, Sabine Schmidt, Robert B. Trumbull, Fernando Hongn, Ivan Alejandro Petrinovic
      Pages 327-336
    6. Michael Haschke, Andreas Günther, Daniel Melnick, Helmut Echtler, Klaus-Joachim Reutter, Ekkehard Scheuber et al.
      Pages 337-353
    7. Ron I. Hackney, Helmut P. Echtler, Gerhard Franz, Hans-Jürgen Götze, Friedrich Lucassen, Dmitriy Marchenko et al.
      Pages 355-374
    8. Johannes Glodny, Helmut Echtler, Oscar Figueroa, Gerhard Franz, Kirsten Gräfe, Helga Kemnitz et al.
      Pages 401-428
    9. Peter M. Blisniuk, Libby A. Stern, C. Page Chamberlain, Peter K. Zeitler, Victor A. Ramos, Edward R. Sobel et al.
      Pages 429-440
  5. The System at Depth: Images and Models

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 441-441
    2. Günter Asch, Bernd Schurr, Mirjam Bohm, Xiaohui Yuan, Christian Haberland, Benjamin Heit et al.
      Pages 443-457
    3. Frank R. Schilling, Robert B. Trumbull, Heinrich Brasse, Christian Haberland, Günter Asch, David Bruhn et al.
      Pages 459-474
    4. Sergei Medvedev, Yuri Podladchikov, Mark R. Handy, Ekkehard Scheuber
      Pages 475-494
    5. Andrey Y. Babeyko, Stephan V. Sobolev, Tim Vietor, Onno Oncken, Robert B. Trumbull
      Pages 495-512
    6. Stephan V. Sobolev, Andrey Y. Babeyko, Ivan Koulakov, Onno Oncken
      Pages 513-535
  6. The Andean Information System: Data, Maps and Movies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 537-537
    2. Hans-Jürgen Götze, Michael Alten, Heinz Burger, Patrick Goni, Daniel Melnick, Sabine Mohr et al.
      Pages 539-556
    3. Klaus-J. Reutter, Kerstin Munier
      Pages 557-558
    4. Sabine Schmidt, Hans-Jürgen Götze
      Pages 559-562
    5. Wolfgang B. W. Schnurr, Andreas Risse, Robert B. Trumbull, Kerstin Munier
      Pages 563-564
    6. Kerstin Munier, Jörn Levenhagen, Heinz Burger
      Pages 569-569

About this book


Convergent plate margins and subduction zones are first order features shaping the Earth. Convergent continental margins combine the majority of processes that affect the internal architecture thermal and geochemical character of continental lith- phere. In addition, the close relationships between active deformation and uplift, m- matism and associated crustal growth, ore formation, the release of more than 90% of global seismic energy at convergent margins, make these plate boundaries imp- tant natural laboratories where mass and energy flux rates can be studied at various scales. Since the advent of plate tectonic theory, it has been recognized that all of these phenomena are intimately related and often governed by feedback mechanisms. Accordingly, subduction orogeny has become an international, high-priority theme in process-oriented, earth-system analysis. In this context, Dewey and Bird (1970) have defined the Andes as the type representative for orogeny and associated p- cesses at convergent margins in their benchmark paper. The Andes, therefore, p- vide an excellent natural laboratory for studying the above processes.


Deformation Interaction tectonics and climate Neogen Plate boundary processes Plateau formation Scale Sediment Subduction orogeny erosion geologic mapping

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