Liquid Separations with Membranes

An introduction to barrier interference

  • Karl Wilhelm Böddeker

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On the level of a textbook a self-consistent approach to liquid separations with membranes is presented, contrasting equilibrium separations with the rate-controlling effects of barrier interference on mass transfer. As a corollary objective, an effort is made to observe context, factual and historical, when introducing concepts and applications of membrane separation science. Ordering principle is the formal structure of mass transfer across barriers, being construed of a driving force (allocated to the condition of the mixtures to be separated) and a barrier permeability (holding the keys to membrane selectivity). The membranes, by this approach, appear by way of the mass transport demands which they are to meet, or else by way of the separation effects which they inspire. Learning by principles and context – exploiting barrier interference is the challenge of membrane separation science and technology. This book is about the principles behind.


Membrane filtration Membrane science barrier separation filtration separation process thermodynamic connection transport

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