Kolmogorov’s Heritage in Mathematics

  • Éric Charpentier
  • Annick Lesne
  • Nikolaï K. Nikolski

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. Loïc Chaumont, Laurent Mazliak, Marc Yor
    Pages 41-66
  3. Giuseppe Da Prato
    Pages 67-96
  4. Mikhail Nikouline, Valentin Solev
    Pages 109-137
  5. Victor M. Buchstaber
    Pages 139-150
  6. Karl Sigmund
    Pages 177-186
  7. Étienne Ghys
    Pages 187-213
  8. John H. Hubbard
    Pages 215-238
  9. Bruno Durand, Alexander Zvonkin
    Pages 281-299

About this book


A.N. Kolmogorov (b. Tambov 1903, d. Moscow 1987) was one of the most brilliant mathematicians that the world has ever known. Incredibly deep and creative, he was able to approach each subject with a completely new point of view: in a few magnificent pages, which are models of shrewdness and imagination, and which astounded his contemporaries, he changed drastically the landscape of the subject.

Most mathematicians prove what they can, Kolmogorov was of those who prove what they want. For this book several world experts were asked to present one part of the mathematical heritage left to us by Kolmogorov.

Each chapter treats one of Kolmogorov's research themes, or a subject that was invented as a consequence of his discoveries. His contributions are presented, his methods, the perspectives he opened to us, the way in which this research has evolved up to now, along with examples of recent applications and a presentation of the current prospects.

This book can be read by anyone with a master's (even a bachelor's) degree in mathematics, computer science or physics, or more generally by anyone who likes mathematical ideas. Rather than present detailed proofs, the main ideas are described. A bibliography is provided for those who wish to understand the technical details.

One can see that sometimes very simple reasoning (with the right interpretation and tools) can lead in a few lines to very substantial results.

The Kolmogorov Legacy in Physics was published by Springer in 2004 (ISBN 978-3-540-20307-0).


Division Fourier series Kolmogorov equations Probability complexity dynamical systems proof

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  • Éric Charpentier
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  • Annick Lesne
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  • Nikolaï K. Nikolski
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  2. 2.Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de la Matiére CondenséeUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie4 Place JussieuFrance
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