Chemical Abundances and Mixing in Stars in the Milky Way and its Satellites

Proceedings of the ESO Workshop held in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, 13–17 September, 2004

  • Sofia Randich
  • Luca Pasquini
Conference proceedings

Part of the ESO ASTROPHYSICS SYMPOSIA book series (ESO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXIV
  2. Abundances in the Thin and Thick Disks

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XXIV
    2. G. Tautvaišienė, B. Edvardsson, E. Puzeras, E. Stasiukaitis, I. Ilyin
      Pages 11-12
    3. C. Abia, I. Domínguez, O. Straniero, O. Zamora
      Pages 23-26
    4. M. Perinotto, A. Scatarzi, L. Morbidelli
      Pages 27-30
    5. L. Affer, G. Micela, T. Morel, J.S. Forcada, F. Favata
      Pages 31-32
    6. D.M. Allen
      Pages 33-34
    7. D.S. Balser, T.M. Bania, R.T. Rood, W.M. Goss
      Pages 35-36
    8. O. Bienaymé, T. Mishenina, C. Soubiran, V. Kovtyukh, A. Siebert
      Pages 37-38
    9. S. Bisterzo, R. Gallino, M. Pignatari
      Pages 39-40
    10. K. Cunha, V.V. Smith
      Pages 44-45
    11. E.F. del Peloso, L. da Silva, L.I. Arany-Prado, G.F. Porto de Mello
      Pages 46-47
    12. J.D.Jr. do Nascimento, L. da Silva, J.R. De Medeiros, J. Setiawan, L. Pasquini
      Pages 48-49
    13. A. Ecuvillon, G. Israelian, N.C. Santos, N. Shchukina, M. Mayor, R. Rebolo
      Pages 50-51
    14. D. Fabbian, M. Asplund, M. Carlsson
      Pages 52-53
    15. M. Franchini, C. Morossi, P. di Marcantonio, M. Lucia Malagnini, M. Chavez, L. Rodriguez-Merino
      Pages 54-55
    16. F. Grundahl, S. Meibom, H. Bruntt, H.R. Jensen, J.V. Clausen, S. Frandsen
      Pages 58-59
    17. H.U. Käufl, B. Aringer, S. Uttenthaler, J. Hron
      Pages 60-61
    18. C. Morossi, M. Franchini, P. di Marcantonio, M.L. Malagnini, M. Chavez, L. Rodriguez-Merino
      Pages 66-67
    19. F. Royer, P. North, C. Melo, J.-C. Mermilliod, E.K. Grebel, J.R. de Medeiros et al.
      Pages 68-69
    20. G. Pace, L. Pasquini, P. François4, F. Matteucci
      Pages 70-71
    21. L. Prisinzano, F. Damiani, I. Pillitteri, G. Micela
      Pages 74-75
    22. J. Sanz-Forcada, F. Favata, G. Micela
      Pages 76-77
    23. S.C. Searle, R.K. Prinja, P. Crowther
      Pages 78-79
    24. T.V. Mishenina, C. Soubiran, O. Bienaymé, V.V. Kovtyukh, S.A. Korotin, T.I. Gorbaneva
      Pages 80-81
    25. G. Tautvaišienė, A. Ivanauskas, M. Grenon, I. Ilyin
      Pages 82-83
  3. Abundances in the Spheroidal Component

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XXIV
    2. B. Barbuy, M. Zoccali, V. Hill, A. Renzini, S. Ortolani, D. Minniti et al.
      Pages 87-92
    3. J.P. Fulbright, R. Michael Rich, A. McWilliam
      Pages 93-94
    4. G. Israelian
      Pages 109-113
    5. J.A. Johnson, F. Herwig, T.C. Beers, N. Christlieb
      Pages 120-121
    6. P. François1, R. Cayrel, E. Depagne, M. Spite, V. Hill, F. Spite et al.
      Pages 122-123
    7. W. Aoki, S.G. Ryan, J.E. Norris, T.C. Beers, N. Christlieb, S. Tsangarides et al.
      Pages 124-125
    8. D. Delaude, R. Gallino, S. Cristallo, O. Straniero
      Pages 126-127
    9. E. Depagne, V. Hill, M. Spite, P. François, F. Spite, B. Plez et al.
      Pages 128-129
    10. P.M. Frinchaboy, R.R. Muñoz, S.R. Majewski, E.D. Friel, R.L. Phelps, W.B. Kunkel
      Pages 130-131

About these proceedings


The field of chemical abundances and internal mixing of elements in stars has made large progress in the last decade. Both a wealth of new observational data and in the last years also the inauguration of new theoretical roads have been the stimulus for this ESO Workshop held in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, 13-17 September 2004.

The proceedings cover topics from chemical abundances in the different components of the Milky Way and in local group galaxies, via observational and theoretical papers on mixing in stars to big bang nucleosynthesis and galaxy formation and evolution.

As all volumes in this series of ESO Astrophysics Symposia this one gives a comprehensive state-of-the-art overview of the forefront of research in its area. It is thus a valuable reference for both students specializing in the field and researchers alike.


Chemical Abundances Element Abundances Galaxies Galaxy ISM Nucleosynthesis Star Stars astrophysics

Editors and affiliations

  • Sofia Randich
    • 1
  • Luca Pasquini
    • 2
  1. 1.Osservatorio di ArcetriFirenzeItaly
  2. 2.European Southern ObservatoryGarchingGermany

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