Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic

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  • Dimitrije E. Panfilov

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-24
  2. General Considerations

  3. Preoperative Preparations

  4. Harmonizing Facial Mosaic Stones

About this book


Over the last few decades the outcome of facial plastic surgery (facelifts) has improved dramatically and has also had an increasing impact on the quality of life for the aging population. Younger patients have also recently expressed interest in individual beautification of their features. This authoritative reference book assembles the experience of an international faculty of authors, each of whom has performed several thousand facelifts, i.e. procedures to rejuvenate and harmonize the human face. All procedures in this regard are covered and the text is accompanied by extensive artwork and photographs. The authors share their experience, including tips and tricks, as well as ways to avoid complications and pitfalls. Special emphasis is given to the concept of looking at the face as a mosaic, i.e. treating its individual parts in a harmonic way and maintaining mimic units. Combining different methods, it is possible to improve the overall outcome and diminish the aggressiveness of singular procedures, which results in fewer risks and fewer complications. The book is aimed at plastic surgeons beginning to perform facial plastic surgery as well as experienced surgeons, who will benefit from the vast and profound experience of the contributing authors. A kaleidoscope of 363 important aspects, tips and tricks in facial plastic surgery rounds up the presentation.


Facelift Laser Operation Surgery aesthetic surgery aging anatomy complications cosmetic surgery endoscopy facial plastic surgery liposuction outcome plastic surgery therapy

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