Lattice Boltzmann Modeling

An Introduction for Geoscientists and Engineers

  • Michael C. Sukop
  • Daniel T. ThorneJr.

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About this book


Lattice Boltzmann models have a remarkable ability to simulate single- and multi-phase fluids and transport processes within them. A rich variety of behaviors, including higher Reynolds numbers flows, phase separation, evaporation, condensation, cavitation, buoyancy, and interactions with surfaces can readily be simulated. This book provides a basic introduction that emphasizes intuition and simplistic conceptualization of processes. It avoids the more difficult mathematics that underlies LB models. The model is viewed from a particle perspective where collisions, streaming, and particle-particle/particle-surface interactions constitute the entire conceptual framework. Beginners and those with more interest in model application than detailed mathematical foundations will find this a powerful "quick start" guide. Example simulations, exercises, and computer codes are included. Working code is provided on the Internet.  



Civil engineering Computational fluid dynamics Hydrogeology Mechanical engineering Multiphase fluids Petroleum engineering Physics Simulation Soil physics porous media

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  • Michael C. Sukop
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  • Daniel T. ThorneJr.
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  1. 1.Department of Earth SciencesFlorida International UniversityUniversity Park, MiamiUSA
  2. 2.Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer ScienceGeorgetown CollegeGeorgetownUSA

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