Diffusion Processes in Advanced Technological Materials

  • Devendra Gupta

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Gyanendra P. Tiwari, Radhey S. Mehrotra, Yoshiaki Iijima
    Pages 69-111
  3. Yuri Mishin
    Pages 113-171
  4. Christian Herzig, Sergiy Divinski
    Pages 173-238
  5. François M. d’Heurie, Christian Lavoie, Patrick Gas, Jean Philibert
    Pages 283-332
  6. Franz Faupel, Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, Axel Thran, Thomas Strunskus, Michael Kiene
    Pages 333-363
  7. Oliver Kraft, Huajian Gao
    Pages 365-404
  8. Chao-Kun Hu, Lynne M. Gignac, Robert Rosenberg
    Pages 405-487
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 529-532

About this book


My 12-year-old granddaughter Nina Alesi once asked me, "Grandpa, you are a scientist at IBM, so what do you do?" I tried to reply, "Oh, I watch atoms move. . . " But before I could finish this sentence, my 7-year-old grandson Vinnie interjected, "Grandpa, do atoms play soccer?" This book is about the games atoms play in diffusion and various other properties of materials. While diffusion has been studied for more than 100 years in solids, its importance, excitement, and intellectual chal­ lenges remain undiminished with time. It is central to understanding the relationship between the structure and properties of naturally occurring and synthetic materials, which is at the root of current technological development and innovations. The diversity of material has led to spec­ tacular progress in functional inorganics, polymers, granular materials, photonics, complex oxides, metallic glasses, quasi-crystals, and strongly correlated electronic materials. The integrity of complex materials pack­ ages is determined by diffusion, a highly interactive and synergic phe­ nomenon that interrelates to the microstructure, the microchemistry, and the superimposed physical fields. While the various physico-chemical properties of the materials are affected by diffusion, they determine diffu­ sion itself. This book, which is intended to document the diffusive processes operative in advanced technological materials, has been written by pio­ neers in industry and academia.


Helium-Atom-Streuung Metall Semiconductor Surface science crystal electronics materials science nanotechnology photonics polymer polymers semiconductor devices semiconductors simulation thin film

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