Exploring Transculturalism

A Biographical Approach

  • Editors
  • Wolfgang Berg
  • Aoileann Ní Éigeartaigh

About this book


Transnational mobility is a widespread phenomenon. It has a big impact on the lives of the individuals who travel or migrate. In order to survive and achieve their goals, they have to go through a process of learning with regard to the cultural texts and practices they now confront. They have to cope with a range of rules and tools with which they are not familiar. In some cases, migrants will simply adopt these rules and practices. In others, their engagement with them will lead to fundamental changes in the host culture. Wolfgang Berg and Aoileann Ní Éigeartaigh interrogate the notion of „transculturalism” in an interdisciplinary way and explore the tensions inherent in contemporary theories of culture and identity. Exploring the (auto)biographical writings of transcultural protagonists, the authors show that crossing borders remains a difficult and challenging experience.
The book will be of interest to researchers and students in the fields of cultural/intercultural studies, literature, and social science.


Autobiography / Biography Culture Diaspora Diversity, cultural Identity Nation

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