Why Context Matters

Applications of Social Network Analysis

  • Editors
  • Thomas N. Friemel

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-7
  2. Thomas N. Friemel
    Pages 9-13
  3. Victor V. Kryssanov, Frank J. Rinaldo, Evgeny L. Kuleshov, Hitoshi Ogawa
    Pages 15-35
  4. Sheila Kinsella, Andreas Harth, Alexander Troussov, Mikhail Sogrin, John Judge, Conor Hayes et al.
    Pages 79-96
  5. Wolfgang Sodeur, Volker G. Täube
    Pages 97-117
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 175-179

About this book


Many elements of our society are embedded in network structures in which actors depend on each other as well as the structural context of their actions. This is reflected by the wide use of concepts and terms of social network analysis, such as the concept of the small world, the strength of weak ties, opinion leaders, gatekeepers, viral marketing, terrorist networks, stakeholders and the like. This volume provides a sample of the broad range of research in which social network analysis can be fruitfully applied. Topics addressed include networks of academic hiring, epidemic dynamics of diseases in populations such as HIV/AIDS, flow of information, semantic networks of the internet, relationships in private and public spheres, patent authorship, paper citation, and networks in linguistic as well as political systems.


Social Network complex systems gatekeepers network network structures new methods opinion leaders social science

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