Fighting As Real As It Gets

A Micro-Sociological Encounter

  • Michael Staack

Table of contents

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  6. Back Matter
    Pages 200-208

About this book


Michael Staack’s ethnography is the first and only comprehensive social-scientific analysis of the combat sport ‘mixed martial arts’. Based on systematic training observations, the author meticulously analyses how mixed martial arts practitioners conjointly create and immerse themselves in their own world of ultimate hand-to-hand combat. 
Staack not only provides a sociological illumination of the defining theme of the mixed martial arts culture – the quest of ‘fighting as real as it gets’ – but also a compelling cultural-sociological case study on the practical social constructions of ‘authenticity’.


Ethnomethodology Praxeology Sociology of the Body Martial Arts Practice Theory

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  1. 1.Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt a.M.Germany

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