Geological Setting, Palaeoenvironment and Archaeology of the Red Sea

  • Najeeb M.A. Rasul
  • Ian C.F. Stewart

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Najeeb M. A. Rasul, Ian C. F. Stewart, Geoff N. Bailey, Zohair A. Nawab
    Pages 1-9
  3. William Bosworth, Marco Taviani, Najeeb M. A. Rasul
    Pages 11-35
  4. Nico Augustin, Colin W. Devey, Froukje M. van der Zwan
    Pages 37-52
  5. Marco Ligi, Enrico Bonatti, William Bosworth, Sara Ronca
    Pages 131-157
  6. Antonio Schettino, Chiara Macchiavelli, Najeeb M. A. Rasul
    Pages 203-220
  7. Froukje M. van der Zwan, Colin W. Devey, Nico Augustin
    Pages 221-232
  8. Neil C. Mitchell, Sarantis S. Sofianos
    Pages 259-273
  9. Neil C. Mitchell, Marco Ligi, Najeeb M. A. Rasul
    Pages 323-339
  10. Marco Taviani, Paolo Montagna, Najeeb M. A. Rasul, Lorenzo Angeletti, William Bosworth
    Pages 341-365
  11. Alessio Sanfilippo, (Merry) Yue Cai, Ana Paula Gouveia Jácome, Marco Ligi
    Pages 389-415
  12. Luigi Vigliotti, (Merry) Yue Cai, Najeeb M. A. Rasul, Salem M. S. Al-Nomani
    Pages 417-435
  13. Davide Zanoni, Najeeb M. A. Rasul, Antonio Langone, Moustafa Khorshid
    Pages 437-471
  14. Mazen Abuabdullah, Zekâi Şen
    Pages 519-531
  15. Anthony Sinclair, Robyn H. Inglis, Andrew Shuttleworth, Frederick Foulds, Abdullah Alsharekh
    Pages 533-552
  16. Robyn H. Inglis, William Bosworth, Najeeb M. A. Rasul, Ali O. Al-Saeedi, Geoff N. Bailey
    Pages 553-581
  17. Geoff N. Bailey, Matthew Meredith-Williams, Abdullah Alsharekh, Niklas Hausmann
    Pages 583-604
  18. Garry Momber, Dimitris Sakellariou, Grigoris Rousakis, Geoff N. Bailey
    Pages 605-628
  19. Dimitris Sakellariou, Grigoris Rousakis, Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Ioannis Morfis, Geoff N. Bailey
    Pages 629-652
  20. Simon Kübler, Geoffrey C. P. King, Maud H. Devès, Robyn H. Inglis, Geoff N. Bailey
    Pages 653-673
  21. Michael D. Petraglia, Paul S. Breeze, Huw S. Groucutt
    Pages 675-683
  22. Maria Geraga, Spyros Sergiou, Dimitris Sakellariou, Eelco Rohling
    Pages 709-723
  23. Niklas Hausmann, Olga Kokkinaki, Melanie J. Leng
    Pages 725-740
  24. Back Matter
    Pages 775-803

About this book


This book gathers invited contributions from active researchers to provide an up-to-date overview of the geological setting of the Red Sea. It discusses aspects ranging from historical information to modern research in the Red Sea, and presents findings from rapidly advancing, emerging fields. This semi-enclosed young ocean basin provides a unique opportunity to study the development of passive continental margins in order to examine the current status of that region. In addition to studies on the Sea itself, it includes those from related fields on the littoral zone. The book is of interest to geoscientists and non-specialists alike.


Geological Setting of the Red Sea Passive Continental Margins Development of the Read Sea margin Geodynamics of the Red Sea Semi-Enclosed Young Ocean

Editors and affiliations

  • Najeeb M.A. Rasul
    • 1
  • Ian C.F. Stewart
    • 2
  1. 1.Center for Marine GeologySaudi Geological SurveyJeddahSaudi Arabia
  2. 2.Stewart Geophysical Consultants Pty. Ltd.College ParkAustralia

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